NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–An untitled exhibition of sculpture, photography, and other works of art created by upcoming Bachelor of Fine Arts seniors and a recent BFA graduate is on display at the Rutgers Civic Square Building, located at 33 Livingston Avenue in downtown.

The “pop up” exhibit showcases the works of several artists, with many unique works displayed in the show. These diffferent works will be in a variety of mediums including sculpture, photography, and more.   All of the artists are of African and/or Carribean descent.

“Pop Up Exhibition I” will be on view at the gallery from September 23-October 1.  It includes work from at least seven different artists:

  • RED Gallery: Paolo Martinez, Julia Putelo, Peter Drago | “Title TBA”, featuring Sculpture
  • BLUE Galleries: Rachel Fucheck & Stephanie Cortazzo | “Arrest of Interpretation”, featuring Photography
  • YELLOW & GREEN Galleries: Sharde Hickenbottom & Randall Parker |”N/A”, featuring the work of artists from African/Caribbean descent. 

The show has an overall theme promoting cultural awareness. Rutgers senior Randall Parker explained “Our mission for this pop up show is to showcase individualism within the broader Afro-Carribean group.”

The Mason Gross School of Arts at Rutgers University is a community of artists who study, teach, create, and perform together.

Often the school’s downtown location hosts events open to the public and at the end of ‘this month the school will curate a pop up exhibition in the Mason Gross Galleries.

“There are no limitations or themes these artists have to abide by,” Parker said.

“By revealing each artist’s individualism the gallery will either support and/or reject all preconceived ideas of what to expect.”

Mason Gross Galleries collection of ecclectic artists given the freedom to create without a specific theme 

The Mason Gross Galleries at Civic Square provides a spacious 4,000-square-foot venue in the heart of New Brunswick’s arts district for the exhibition of works in a variety of media.

You can learn about other upcoming shows on the Mason Gross website.

Editor’s Note: Randall Parker is the brother of the author of this article.