NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Tonight, Tumulty’s Pub will host the second official Colonel Mastodon Showcase, featuring ten comedians including headliner Dina Hashem.

Last month local comedians Dan Farley and Shawn Barron hosted the first Colonel Mastodon comedy showcase in the basement of Tumulty’s, the city’s oldest restaurant.

Thanks to support from the local comedy scene, their first Colonel Mastodon show was a sucess. The showcase had 10 comics, and over 50 people in attendance. This turnout gave the comedy duo the greenlight to produce another comedy night. 

Colonel Mastodon is an intentionally absurdist name meant to highlight the comedic freedom of show creators strive for. Farley and Barron are regular performers at the local open mics, but Colonel Mastodon was inspired by the less rigid a series of underground comedy shows in the Hub City.

Tonight’s show will include stand-up performances by Hashem, as well as comedians Pip Pluto, John Asher, Nick Haby, Dan Caprio, Marla, Taj Osorio, Kevin Hall, Steven Nicks, and Farley, the show’s co-creator.

The showcase emphasizes what comedians in the Hub City are capable of, say its creators.

It’s unusual to see a new show draw so many high quality performers, but Barron has a theory: “I think our scene is growing because we have comics who are supportive of one another. Comics in New Brunswick have a real do it yourself attitude, we set up our shows, and if we see someone we think is funny we try to make sure everyone knows about them.”

This inclusive attitude makes it easier for comics of all kinds to hear about different shows, and work their way onto the lineups.

Farley concurred saying that he hopes to make the showcase a monthly event.  At just $3 admission, it is one of the most affordable shows in town.

Editor’s Note: The author of this article is one of two co-hosts of tonight’s show.