NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Tuesday July 15, comedian Gordon Baker-Bone is hosting “The Big 10 Comedy Show,” at New Jersey’s most famous comedy club, the Stress Factory in New Brunswick.

The Big 10 Comedy Show costs just $10 but also features ten amazing comics that perform regularly in the New Jersey and New York area. There will also be several guest comedians performing throughout the evening as well.  

The comedy show, which occurs once a month at the club located on Church Street, is the brainchild of host Gordon Baker-Bone, and is booked with the help of comedy producer Leor Fay.

The Newark native has been performing around the tri-state area for the years and is talented enough to become one of the top comedians of his generation.

While Baker-Bone performs regularly for college crowds, his comedy can be described as a clever and witty, connecting with audiences on many levels.  Baker-Bone’s thought-provoking style is smart, fun and leaves many in stitches.

Baker-Bone began his career at the local comedy club when a professor promised him an “A” if he performed for an open mic.  Since then, he hasn’t been able to put the mic down.

Baker-Bone can be followed on Twitter at:

Gordon Baker-Bone hosts several shows including a weekly open mic at 10th Street Live Bar & Grill in Kenilworth, NJ.

Many of the performers performing at tonight’s Stress Factory show are also regulars at the Kenilworth shows including Lizz Der, Daniel Caprio, George Garcones Jr., Joe McAndrew, and featured act Justin Flanagan.

Their comedic styles are wide-ranging, but one thing’s for sure, says Baker-Bone.

“It’s going to be a great show. This line up truly has some of the funniest comics I know.”