NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On July 6 at 4pm, there will be a free, exclusive screening of “Paid Driver for Hire: A Rock ‘n’ Road Pilgrimage” at the Ale N Wich Tavern, located at the  corner of Louis and Hamilton Streets.

The product of a Kickstarter campaign and a cross-country adventure, the Berneziak Films doucmentary celebrates singer-song writer Shane Gooding’s life and the independent record stores that give aspiring musicians a place to be heard.

The filmmakers set out on a ten day journey into the heart of the USA to bring Gooding’s music to small record retailers and to explore the indie music community.

Presented in part by the Ale ‘n’ Wich and the project’s Kickstarter backers, the event will begin at 4pm at the Ale ‘n’ Wich Tavern at 246 Hamilton Street in New Brunswick.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Gooding took his guitar to the West Coast in 2004 to pursue his passion for creating music.

Gooding spent the next two years in California honing his songwriting and vocal skills while developing a loyal fanbase and community in Orange County, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. His background playing in various folk, rock, and bluegrass bands informed his distinct “rock ‘n’ soul hybrid” solo sound.

His efforts culminated in “Paid Driver for Hire”, an 11 track album, available on iTunes, for which the film is named.

Inspired by Gooding’s tireless dedication to his music, “Paid Driver for Hire: A Rock ‘n’ Road Pilgramige” is a testament to the struggle of artists, of any medium, trying to share their craft with the world. 

The screening will commence at 4:30pm and will be followed by a reception and discussion with the film’s production crew, including editor Kevin Seamon, director Scott Homiak, and photographer Vince Miezejewski.