NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Tonight, July 24 at 7pm, there will be a free Wage Theft and Labor Rights workshop hosted by Unity Square and New Labor, located at the Unity Square Community Center at 81 Remsen Avenue.

The workshop will be the second one held today, on the heels of a successful 11am workshop.

Participants will learn about labor rights and the wage and hour laws under state and local ordinances.

The workshop will also address wage theft and how to recover unpaid wages.

Wage theft can appear in many forms, like paying less than the minimum wage, not paying for total time worked or for overtime, or denying rightfully owed employee benefits.

Victims of wage theft by New Brunswick businesses will have the opportunity to receive free, one-on-one counseling at the event to learn how to file a complaint against their employer or can make an appointment for a later date.

Please bring pay stubs or other relevant documentation. Spanish speaking staff will be available.

No reservations are necessary. For more information, please call Unity Square at 732-545-0329 or visit their Facebook page.