NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–The first exhibition at the Alfa Art Gallery to include all forms of media, ranging from oil painting and mixed media to stained glass and sculpture, is set to open this Friday, June 27th.

“Perceptions of the Human Body and Form” opens with a reception from 6:30 to 10:30 pm Friday night, and will be on exhibit until Saturday, July 26th.

The gallery is located at 108 Church Street in downtown New Brunswick.

Featuring pieces by New Brunswick and New York-area artists Kimberly Camp, Herbie Pabst, Jorge Cruz, Wade Miller, Vesselin Kourtev, Judith Leeds, and Mary Ellen Scherl, the exhibit will also feature a diversity of styles, including expressionism, cubism, naturalism, and abstraction.

Alfa Art Gallery’s description of the event is as follows:

“Even though the human body has been a traditional subject among artists for centuries, the depiction of the human figure is constantly evolving and challenging conventions.

From the period when ancient Greek artists were driven to depict the ideal figure, artists’ perspectives of the human form have gradually changed and become more diverse, showing viewers that there is more than one kind of body.

The Alfa Art Gallery’s Perceptions of the Human Body and Form exhibition demonstrates this modernized view of the human figure and portraiture.” 

Check out this exhibit and see for yourself.