UPDATE (6/17): On Saturday June 14, police apprehended 48-year-old Edwin Santiago-Soto, of New Brunswick, just a few blocks away at Commercial Avenue near Comstock Street and charged him with Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon in association with this crime. His bail has been set at $100,000.00.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Just after 11am on the morning of May 5, two armed men stormed into Discount Liquors on Georges Road, and assaulted the owner with the butt of a handgun before a scuffle ensued and both men left the store empty-handed.

Store security cameras captured the frightening scene, as the store owner, Kamy Patel, was suddenly struck down by one of the two men who entered the store.

The video also shows the men forcing down a visiting salesman and generally lashing out with their pistols before hastily departing from the store empty handed, after Patel got up from the floor and ran outside to where he saw a person walking by and yelled out to him for help and to call 911.

“I just ran to the front door and there’s one guy over there and I tell him to call 911,” Patel recounted to News 12 who broke the story last week.

This morning, two weeks after the incident occurred, New Brunswick  city spokesperson Jennifer Bradshaw said the police investigation is continuing

“The investigation is still going on for the liquor robbery, no new info is available right now,” Bradshaw told New Brunswick Today.

The shop owner suffered from a busted lip and needed staples sewn into the cuts on his head, according to the News12 report.

The suspects appear to be Hispanic males, one with a stout build, black hair, and wearing a sweatshirt with the printed words “What not to” on his chest.  Patel also indicated that he had a light patch of hair.

The second assailant is described as being taller and dark skinned.  He was the one who pistol-whipped Patel.

Patel told News12 that he thought the suspects lived in the neighborhood and were regular customers of his store and therefore knew that there was a safe.

The suspects were still, however, unable to gain access to the safe or tamper with the register at the counter on their way out.

Police have not issued any official statements about the crime or the investigation.