NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Another product of the basement scene here in Hub City is the budding rock trio known as Atlas Bloom, one of the many bands making a name for themselves in New Brunswick.

With catchy, guitar rythyms reminiscent of surf rock, combined with upbeat timing and melodies, Atlas Bloom delivers a full sound with just three members.

Atlas Bloom’s first full-length LP entitled “First Light” includes that full sound and some great melodic hooks.

The record was officially released on iTunes and Spotify on March 28, and was followed by two release shows, one in New York City and another show on March 29 at New Brunswick’s famous Court Tavern.

The band considers the album realease a great milestone in what looks to be a promising career for the trio, comprised of Rutger’s own Eric Tapper on guitar, Andrew Funcheon on vocals and drums, and Josh November on electric bass.

According to Tapper, the three members have been friends since high school and all share a mutual passion for music.

In an email, Tapper told NBToday, “We played a lot as underclassmen but ended up going separate ways until we came together to put together a project that evolved into the full-time band we are currently growing.”

First Light is available on iTunes, Spotify and also via the band’s website. The website also features streams of the band’s lead single from the album, entitled “Overgrown.”