NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Tonight, eight local residents will compete for title of Grand Slam Champion at the Crossroads Theatre, on the corner of George Street and Livingston Avenue.

Free for those who attend, the show starts at 7pm tonight on Saturday, April 26.

Residents Carla Ulbrich, Pedro Serrano, Dean Rogers, David Harris, Dusty Ballard, JUDY, and artist Sam Romero have all been selected to tell their own New Brunswick story.

Audience members will also have a chance to participate. 

“Everyone has a story to tell. You know, that story your friends have heard a million times? We haven’t heard it and we want to. Come share it,” reads coLab Art’s Facebook event page.

A series of story slams were held in March and April and this is the final round, the winner will receive a prize.

“I felt all awkward when I first participated because I’m not used to to telling stories to a crowd,” says Sam Romero. “But this is what we used to do as a species. There’s a very primal feel to Story Slam.”

For more information, contact tonight’s host Pandora Scooter via Facebook or call 732-718-0134.

The show is made possible by coLab, the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission, New Brunswick Parking Authority, and New Brunswick City Market.

Reporter at New Brunswick Today

Molly O'Brien is a law student and reporter in the city of New Brunswick.

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Molly O'Brien

Molly O'Brien is a law student and reporter in the city of New Brunswick.