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Born and Raised in Brunswick, City Resident Embraces The Struggle Through Art

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–New Brunswick artist Sam Romero isn’t one to mince words. A quick survey of his art makes it clear that he aims to reveal the truth and isn’t scared to rub people the wrong way while speaking his mind.

Governor Christie as a rampaging elephant chasing fleeing minority students, President Obama dancing behind “twerkahawk” missiles pointed at Syria, or University President Robert Barchi as Charlie Brown populate the world Romero creates. 

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TONIGHT: Benefit Concert for Victims of Typhoon Disaster

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On May 3, Christ Church in New Brunswick will be hosting an Aftermath Recovery Benefit Concert for survivors of the Typhoon Haiyan disaster that occurred in Southeast Asia in November 2013.

The Haiyan Typhoon is considered one of the worst natural disasters to have ever been recorded, responsible for over 6,000 mortalities and 27,000 injuries just in the Philippines alone.

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Taking a Stand Against Honorary Rutgers Degree For Condoleezza Rice, Students Occupy President’s Office

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Nearly 50 Rutgers students opposed to commencement speaker Condoleezza Rice stormed into Old Queens around 12:30pm yesterday, demanding a meeting with University President Robert Barchi, who was not in his office.

The protestors held their ground inside the administration building for over six hours, while several dozen others gathered outside, chanting in solidarity.

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Local Activists and Residents to Rally and March in Honor of Worker Memorial Day

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Sunday, April 27, New Brunswick organization New Labor is co-sponsoring a march and rally with New Jersey Environment Council on Workers' Memorial Day.

Workers' Memorial Day is an annual international commemoration that remembers workers who have died or been injured while working.

The rally will begin at Lord Stirling Elementary School, located on 101 Redmond Street at 1 pm.

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Rutgers Day Celebration Held Across New Brunswick-Piscataway Campuses

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Rutgers Day is being celebrated today. This fifth annual event, a festival involving the College Avenue, Cook/Douglass, and Busch campuses, also includes much older traditions including the New Jersey Folk Festival, and Cook College’s Ag Field Day.

The three campuses involved – Busch, College Avenue, and Cook/Douglass – each have their own specialties or "themes". 

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