FRANKLIN, NJ–The Villagers Theatre in Somerset continued their series of free plays written by local up-and-coming playwrights on March 17 with a comedic performance that kept a packed house entertained.

Penned by Mitchell Brodsky of Princeton and directed by Brian Remo, who also stars in the piece, “Buds” is a black comedy concerning two improbable strangers who form a relationship that leads to scheming, secret identities and eventually murder.

Mitchell Brodsky’s dialogue was natural and flowed smooth though out the reading.

The text moved the story along and had only the right of exposition; something that plagues many an emerging playwright.  Brodsky had no such problems.

The characters were believable, fun and devilish.

Under the skilled direction of Remo, the rest of the players (David Sussman, Laura Casey and Morgan Vasquez) all added their own personal flavor to an enjoyable evening, followed by an engaging audience question and answer session.

One issue with piece was a touch of deus ex machina: a gun appeared out of nowhere in the climax.

An attempt was made to explain this, but it came after the fact. That aside, Buds, was a solid play, with excellent pacing and cast and a director well-suited for it.

The Villagers Theatre “New Playwright Series” continues Monday April 21 with: “The Scapegoat” by Leroy Elliston Barry.

Reporter at New Brunswick Today