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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—For one night only, a radio play adaptation of “Moby Dick” will be peformed on stage by Raconteur Radio, a theater group formed out of a former bookstore in Metuchen.

The performance starts at 8pm on Saturday March 22 at Crossroads Theatre, located at 7 Livingston Ave.

Made possible by the arts and culture non-profit coLAB, this 55-minute staged radio drama is an adaptation of the original 700-page book written by Herman Melville.

This show leaves the whale “left to the easel of the audience’s imagination.”

“Our show gives you the creak and slap of board and sail, the mew of gull, the churning, spuming rage of the whale as it rises, but the monstrosity of the leviathon is ‘behind the door,’” says Alex Dawson of Raconteur Radio.

“There’s no philosophizing about the color white and after seeing our production, you still won’t know what to do with the foreskin of a whale.”

Dawson told New Brunswick Today, “Radio drama compresses and, I think, electrifies a narrative, creating perhaps a more entertaining and indelible impression of character and story… while still forcing the audience to actively participate (as with a book).”

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online.  Call Jonathan Elliott from coLAB Arts at 609-937-3357 for more information, or email [email protected]

Reporter at New Brunswick Today

Molly O'Brien is a law student and reporter in the city of New Brunswick.

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Molly O'Brien

Molly O'Brien is a law student and reporter in the city of New Brunswick.