NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Steven Parkey Jr. brutally killed Nikki Adams, a 15-year-old New Brunswick resident, in an Edison motel room on October 3, 1990.  But their story did not end there.

On February 7, after several twists and turns, and more than a decade with no developments in the case, Parkey admitted he committed aggrivated manslaughter, while a jury was deliberating his fate.

Parkey pleaded guilty to the charges after new DNA analysis introduced in a recent trial linked him to the murder.

Six years after Nikki’s death, her mother Carolyn “Sissy” Adams was shot and killed by New Brunswick police officer James Consalvo.  Carolyn worked as a prostitute and was unarmed when she was killed, allegedly for biting Adams’ finger according to the official story.

The city erupted in protest to the police killing, and Consalvo was forced to resign.

Then in 1998, two New Brunswick police officers were accused, and eventually convicted of, running three brothels in the city, further connecting the police with the prostitution business.

But according to the Star-Ledger’s Sue Epstein, Sissy’s granddaughter and Nikki’s daughter, Tamika Adams, would eventually help lock up her mother’s murderer with the help of a different police department across the Raritan River.

Epstein’s article noted that Tamika was just a toddler at the time of her mother’s murder, but nevertheless it was her call to Edison Police in 2010 that helped solve the horrific crime.

Nikki Adams was found naked and dead in a room at the Colonial Motel on Route 1, with multiple knife wounds on her upper chest, hand and neck.  According to reports, there was blood splattered everywhere, and a trail of blood from the parking lot where she had attempted to fight off her attacker.

Twenty years later, when Tamika Adams called Edison PD, it prompted them to send “send bloody items found in the motel room to the State Police laboratory for DNA analysis,” according to the Star-Ledger article.

A few months later, Parkey was arrested and charged with murder.  His wife at the time would eventually testify that he required medical attention the morning after Adams’ murder for lacerations, but she never got an explanation for why.

Parkey, now age 43 and jailed, will soon be sentenced by Superior Court Judge Diane Pincus to 25 years in a New Jersey prison in April of this year.  His plea bargain makes him eligible for parole after more than 12 1/2 years.

The tragedy of Nikki’s death was followed six years later by the death of her mother, “Sissy” Adams, at the hands of Officer Consalvo.

Consalvo retired in April 1997, just one day before a scheduled New Brunswick Police Department hearing on “various internal charges related to Adams’ shooting,” according to

According to’s DataUniverse, the former officer still receives an annual “accidental disability” pension of $44,853.60.