NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—According to the results of a public records request filed by New Brunswick Today, more than sixty city employees draw salaries in excess of $100,000.

And only one of them, New Brunswick police Sgt. Ann Chapman-Scattergood ($111,218), is a woman.

High atop the list is the city’s embattled Business Administrator, Thomas Loughlin III, the man who was in charge of the New Brunswick Water Utility during a botched attempt to coverup problems with water quality.

In a “temporary” appointment that lasted more than five years, Loughlin assumed control of the utility in 2007, after its previous director, Shawn Maloney, took his own life amid a federal investigation.

Part of Loughlin’s $174,654 salary includes an extra $15,000 raise he was given for managing the utility, even though he was replaced in 2012 by someone who would later alert the NJ Department of Environmental Protection of the coverup.

“My salary has not been reduced since stepping down as Acting Water Director,” Loughlin wrote in a memo to New Brunswick Today on December 18.

The only other city employee who draws a salary greater than $150,000 is Fire Director Robert C. Rawls, one of the few non-white personnel to make it onto the six-figure salary list.  His four deputy fire chiefs, all of them white men, make $135,928 annual salaries.

Rawls has been with the Fire Department since 1986 and also serves as the city’s Emergency Management Coordinator.  He is the only person of color in Mayor James Cahill’s all-male cabinet.

Most of the city employees who made the list work in either the Police or Fire Departments.  In total, 30 police employees and 20 fire employees make six-figure salaries.

Eight fire lieutenants make $106,025 per year, and seven fire captains make $120,412 per year, while some twenty police sergeants earn annual salaries of $111,218 each.

Police Director Anthony Caputo’s current salary is $124,848, only the tenth-highest in the police department, lower than his three police captains  ($141,662) and six lieutenants ($125,511).

Caputo, who retired in 2009 before returning to the same job less than two years later, is simulateously collecting an annual pension of $115,019 for his 26 years of policework.  According to personnel records, Caputo took  a month’s worth of days off last year, using 22 vacation days, five personal days, and three sick days.

Also making the six-figure list were several other heads of city departments including the Director of Public Works Steven Zarecki ($123,570), Planning Director Glenn Patterson ($116,145), Finance Director Doug Petix ($114,568), Social Services Director Dave Blevins ($105,080) and Library Director Robert Belvin ($101,184).

Muncipal Engineer Thomas Guldin ($115,588) was the most recent hire to make $100,000 or more.  He was officially hired on March 23, 2009.

Other officials with six-figure salaries include Assistant City Attorney T.K. Shamy ($108,054), City Clerk Daniel Torrisi ($105,301), Data Processing Coordinator Michael Troulis ($103,594), and Construction Code Official William Schrum ($102,774).

Name Salary Dept. Title Hire Date
Thomas Loughlin III $174,654 Admin. Business Administrator 6/7/1993
Robert C. Rawls $155,053 Fire Director of Fire 1/6/1986
Joseph T. Miller $141,662 Police Police Captain 1/10/1994
William R. Milligan $141,662 Police Police Captain 8/20/1990
Vincent M. Sabo $141,662 Police Police Captain 1/10/1994
Thomas E. Dobkowski $135,928 Fire Deputy Fire Chief 10/20/1989
Thomas A. Lopardo $135,928 Fire Deputy Fire Chief 10/20/1989
Kevin K. McCann $135,928 Fire Deputy Fire Chief 10/20/1989
Dean W. Wournell $135,928 Fire Deputy Fire Chief 12/4/1989
Michael S. Bobadilla $125,511 Police Police Lieutenant 1/10/1994
Christopher A. Carroll $125,511 Police Police Lieutenant 8/20/1990
Christopher W. Goldeski $125,511 Police Police Lieutenant  8/3/2000
Steve Middleton $125,511 Police Police Lieutenant  8/15/1994
Christopher P. Plowucha $125,511 Police Police Lieutenant  3/29/1999
David Wolfe $125,511 Police Police Lieutenant 1/10/1994
Anthony A. Caputo $124,848 Police Police Director 7/1/2011*
Steven Zarecki $123,570 Public Works Dir. of Public Works 8/11/1986
Jorge L. Arriaga $120,412 Fire Fire Captain 1/13/1994
William S. Borke $120,412 Fire Fire Captain 5/15/1995
Christopher Boyler $120,412 Fire Fire Captain 6/1/1993
Douglass J. Burrell $120,412 Fire Fire Captain 12/4/1989
Jason Licinsky $120,412 Fire Fire Captain 5/15/1995
Robb A. Schaffer $120,412 Fire Fire Captain 12/4/1989
Robert J. Zimmerman $120,412 Fire Fire Captain 1/6/1986
Glenn S. Patterson $116,145 Planning Planning Director 6/2/1988
Thomas S. Guldin $115,588 Engineering Municipal Engineer 3/23/2009
Douglas A. Petix $114,568 Finance Director of Finance 7/1/1996
Frank Bertucci $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/15/1994
George Bistany $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/27/2001
James P. Bobadilla $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/19/1999
Ann M. Chapman-Scattergood $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/12/1985
Royce Cradic $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/20/1990
Frederick P. DeLong $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/19/1991
Daniel Dominguez Jr. $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 3/20/1995
John J. Doyle $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 1/15/1996
Scott Lamont Gould $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/28/2000
Richard J. Herbst $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 1/15/1996
Samuel E. Hillyer $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 1/10/1994
John F. Langan Jr. $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 1/10/1994
David R. Martella $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/20/1990
William C. Oels III $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 1/7/2004
Mark E. Pappas $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/27/2001
John C. Quick $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 8/20/1998
Amish Shah $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 1/7/2004
Anthony Starzynski $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 1/11/1994
Raymond Trigg $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 1/10/1994
Michael V. Yurkovic $111,218 Police Police Sergeant 1/8/2003
T.K. Shamy $108,054 Law Asst. City Attorney 1/11/1989
Michael W. Delutio $106,025 Fire Fire Lieutenant 1/13/1994
Michael J. Dillon $106,025 Fire Fire Lieutenant 10/18/2000
Anthony J. Jones $106,025 Fire Fire Lieutenant 10/18/2000
Gary C. Lessing $106,025 Fire Fire Lieutenant 6/1/1993
Edward Muller $106,025 Fire Fire Lieutenant 10/20/1989
Frederick Schatzman III $106,025 Fire Fire Lieutenant 10/20/1989
Chris Samuel Stellatella $106,025 Fire Fire Lieutenant 8/15/2005
Darrin C. Van Demark $106,025 Fire Fire Lieutenant 1/13/1994
Daniel A. Torrisi $105,301 City Clerk Municipal Clerk 12/31/1990
David G. Blevins $105,080 Youth Svcs. Director of Social Services 8/12/1985
Michael Troulis $103,594 Data Processing Data Processing Coordinator 7/8/1985
William B. Schrum $102,774 Inspections Construction Official 2/17/1994
Robert J. Belvin $101,184 Library Library Director 11/13/1990

*hire date for Anthony Caputo is listed as 7/1/2011, when he came out of retirement.

Charlie is the founder and editor of New Brunswick Today, and the winner of the Awbrey Award for Community-Oriented Local Journalism. He is a proud Rutgers University journalism graduate, a community organizer, and a former independent candidate for mayor of New Brunswick.