What to Do If You Get Arrested at the Super Bowl

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ—According to authorities, some 4,000 security personnel will be on hand for the first-ever Super Bowl in New Jersey on Saturday February 2, likely leading to many arrests and criminal charges related to the festivities.

People from Hollywood to Dubai will visit MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford to experience the big day in person. Many of the lucky ones who scored tickets will enjoy the event by watching the game with their friends, eating great food, and consuming alcoholic beverages.

While everyone is at the Super Bowl to have a fun and safe time, sometimes people can become disorderly. People who attend such events sometimes become inebriated and engage in fights or other illegal activities.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages lowers inhibitions, which can turn diplomatic conversations into physical altercations, and make law-abiding citizens act disorderly in ways that are inconsistent with their personality. Security personnel at MetLife Stadium have a strict zero tolerance policy for unruly fans.

Earlier today, Acting NJ Attorney General John Hoffman announced his office will spend $84,o00 on a "sobriety blitz," in hopes of cracking down on drunk driving before, during and after the big game on Sunday.

Persons leaving the event that have consumed alcohol and operate a motor vehicle can be charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).  Although not apparent at the time, such persons are likely to be charged with criminal or traffic offenses.

If you are cited for a serious offense at the big game, or are stopped for a DWI on your way home in a neighboring town, it is best to appear in court with an experienced and aggressive New Jersey attorney.

East Rutherford is the home of MetLife Stadium, which hosts NFL football games throughout the fall and winter, and has its own municipal court.  All misdemeanor and disorderly persons charges will later be resolved before a municipal court judge in the East Rutherford Municipal Court.

Attending a Super Bowl can be a once in a lifetime event.  However, if you are arrested, it is advisable to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney from New Jersey who is familiar with East Rutherford, the surrounding towns, and Bergen County Superior Court .

Rather than simply pleading to the original charge, an attorney can try to convince the prosecutor to dismiss or mitigate the charge.  Attorneys can successfully defend individuals and, if warranted, can sometimes mitigate charges to administrative violations that do not result in a criminal record.

For persons charged with criminal or traffic offenses, retaining an aggressive attorney who frequently appears in East Rutherford Municipal Court and Bergen County Superior Court is most likely to achieve the best results possible.  This is especially true for defendants who are not from New Jersey and unfamiliar with the legal system.

For out-of-state defendants, it is also important to hire a lawyer that is familiar with the procedures required for out-of-state residents that are charged in New Jersey.

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