Police: Bicyclist Robs Young Rutgers Couple with Fake Handgun

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Two unfortunate Rutgers students reportedly found themselves at the business end of an imitation firearm on the night of January 11, according to New Brunswick police.

The couple was walking somewhere near Guilden and Mine streets at the time, near the Olde Queen's Tavern, around 10:15 PM on a Saturday night when the robbery occurred

A man on a bicycle allegedly pulled the silver handgun out of his pocket, pointed it at the two 21-year-olds, and demanded, "Give me everything you have!"

The students forked over an indeterminate amount of cash and their cell phones, according to police.

Officers quickly arrested 44-year-old Tyrone Johnson, of Newark.  According a police report, "As the suspect fled on the bicycle he was quickly located and apprehended by officers in the area."

Johnson was charged with possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, as well as for robbery. However, the police said the gun that was confiscated from Johnson was found to be fake.

Cops also noted that the victims, a man from Westfield and a woman from Metuchen, were not hurt. 

According to the NJ Parole Office, a 44-year-old man named Tyrone Johnson has previously been sentenced for dealing drugs within 500 feet of a public park, in the second degree, and for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, in the third degree.

The sentencing took place in Union County in 2006, and the end of his supervision period was to be July 8, 2015.

It is not immediately clear whether the paroled Johnson is the same man apprehended by New Brunswick police, as there are multiple people named Tyrone Johnson in New Jersey, including a few in the Newark area.