Another Rate Hike at New Brunswick Parking Authority

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—New Brunswick Parking Authority (NBPA), the arm of the city goverment responsible for parking in New Brunswick, is set to increase parking rates for event parking and several city decks.

Prices for hourly parking at garages will, according to a statement made on the website, increase by an average of one dollar.

Event parking rates, which are after 5 pm for the Wolfson Deck, Albany Plaza Deck, and Civic Square Deck, will increase from six to eight dollars.

In addition, monthly rates at parking garages will increase.

Rates the New, Paterson, Plum  and Church Street garages will increase by $10 a month, while the Morris Street Garage will increase its rates by $15 a month.

“The Parking Authority does not take pleasure in increasing its rates but finds it necessary to do so in order to continue to provide sufficient, clean and safe parking facilities for the city’s residents, visitors and commuters,” said Executive Director Mitch Karon.

“In order to meet its financial obligations, we have very little choice but to implement these budgetary adjustments.”

In July 2012, rates were increased for daily and monthly users at many city parking decks.  Monthly parkers who live in New Brunswick were exempted from the hike, and the same is true this time around.

In September 2013, the rates at most of the 1,000 parking meters in the city increased between 20% and 50%.

According to the Home News Tribune's interview with NBPA Operations Director Harry Delgado, "Announced city Parking Authority rate hikes have nothing to do with more than $100,000 in thefts reported in 2010 and prosecuted during the past two years."

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