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Distinguished Rutgers Professor Passes Away at 88 Years Old

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Tuesday December 17th, legendary Rutgers professor Richard D. Heffner passed away of a cerebral anurism in his home in Manhattan at 88 years old.

A professor of communication and public policy for nearly 50 years, Heffner was one of the most well-known faculty members, and before his death, was teaching two classes at Rutgers: Mass Communication and The American Image, and Communication and Human Values.

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Adoption of NJ DREAM Act is Welcome News For New Brunswick Students

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Undocumented high school graduates will now be allowed to pay in-state tuition at all of New Jersey's public colleges, including Rutgers.

Just in time for spring semester, the change in policy comes as a welcome one for the Hub City, where a large portion of residents are undocumented immigrants, many of whom were brought to New Brunswick as children.

New Brunswick played an important supportive role in getting this piece of legislation the attention it has received.

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New Brunswick Landlord Remains in Jail For Drug and Weapons Possession

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A man who owns four city properties was arrested Thursday and remains in jail, but officials won't say whether it is related to a "far-reaching" investigation that may have ended the career of New Brunswick's chief housing inspector.

Paul Cano III, a resident of Platte Av. in North Brunswick, was arrested Thursday on charges for possessing weapons and illegal drugs.  He is still at the Middlesex County Jail, being held on $250,000 bail, according to jail officials.

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Housing Inspector Charged with Dealing Cocaine Gave $1,250 to Mayor Cahill’s Campaign

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Michael Mahony, the longtime chief housing inspector for the City of New Brunswick, made donations to help keep his boss, Mayor Jim Cahill, in office.

Mahony spent a night in jail last week, and is currently facing charges that he dealt cocaine.  The mayor suspended Mahony after New Brunswick Today inquired about his job status.

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