NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The newest data available shows that violent crime is down so far in 2013, but reports of theft and larceny have increased by a sizable margin.

As of October, the city had three reported murders, including two stabbings and one gun murder.  At the same point last year, twice as many homicides had been reported.

A similar number of rapes were reported during the same period in both 2012 and 2013, while the number of assaults and robberies declined, according to state government data.

But 457 burglaries were reported so far this year, and 242 involved forcible entry, an increase of 28.7% in that category over the same time period in 2012.  Larceny also increased by 16% and car thefts went up from 60 to 73 over the same period.

During this October, three rapes were reported, as well as six robberies, nine assaults, and 79 simple assaults.

As for non-violent crimes, there were 38 burglaries reported, in addition to 85 larceny cases, and ten stolen autos.

So far this year, total violent crime has declined by 21.2% while total non-violent crime increased by 15.5%.

According to the city's monthly internal affairs review, there were six incidents that resulted in complaints against the police being filed during October.

Additionally, four complaints were resolved, including three exonerations and one listed as "Admin. Closed," bringing the total of outstanding complaints against NBPD officers to 42.

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