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Lazos América Unida Celebrates Día de Muertos

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Día de Muertos, a popular Mexican holiday, begins tomorrow and a local organization will be sponsoring several events during the holiday weekend.

Lazos América Unida, a Oaxacan cultural center based in downtown New Brunswick, will be sponoring the events, which honor the dead.  The name of the holiday translates to "Day of the Dead" in English.

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Rutgers New Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Gets Early Start Connecting with Students

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Dr. Felicia E. McGinty recently stepped into a critical role at Rutgers University and she is already working to get to know the student body.

McGinty assumed the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs position on August 1, after serving in similar roles for more than 20 years at UC-Santa Cruz, Penn State University, and the University of Maryland.

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Mayor and Council Quietly Approve $10,000 in Taxpayer Funds For Another Statue in Front of Heldrich Hotel

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Since 1894, a small triangular plot of land in downtown has been home to a monument honoring the thousands of lives lost in the American Civil War.

But if city leaders get their way, that memorial will soon be joined by another life-size statue that will rise as tall as thirteen feet, according to the leader of a private group that has been slowly fundraising for the project over the past decade.

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Barbara Buono Interview, Part 4: The Higher Education Crisis

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—NBToday sat down with State Senator Barbara Buono, a candidate for Governor in the November 5 election, to discuss her views on important local, county, and state issues.

In the August 2 interview, Buono addressed several controversies at her alma mater, Rutgers University, and pledged to make higher education a priority.

At a recent debate this month, the two major-party candidates sparred about the performance of Rutgers University's President Bob Barchi.

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New Art Therapy Supplies For Kids in Saint Peter’s Hospital

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Saint Peter’s University Hospital, in conjunction with ArtWorks the Naomi Cohain Foundation Inc., recently unveiled a new custom-built "art cart" for their pediatric patients.

The Surprise! Supplies portable art cart is filled with crayons, markers, paper, and other materials for children who are undergoing long procedures like chemotherapy and blood transfusions.

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