Not Guilty Pleas From Suspects in Both July Murders

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Four men have plead not guilty in two separate murders that occurred last month.

Danilo Lemus-Ramos, 18, Edwin Morales, 20, and Adrian Islas, 25, plead not guilty to charges that they murdered an alleged rival gang member, 19-year-old Eduardo “Snoopy” Mendez on July 13.

The bullet that had killed Mendez had struck him in the neck, and police accuse Lemus-Ramos of having fired that shot, along with others, according to Christopher Kuberiet, a Middlesex County deputy assistant prosecutor. Kuberiet also said that the shooting was because of a rivalry between the gunmen's gang and the victim's gang.

Two weeks later, Carlos Lopez, 47, plead not guilty in an unrelated murder, the city's second of the year.  According to authorities, Lopez stabbed David Campos-Garcia at 3am on Suydam Street near the railroad, and was promptly arrested in his home the following morning.

The three accused villains in the earlier case are charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, unlawful possession of a handgun, murder, and conspiracy to commit murder.

The first arrest was made in New Brunswick on July 14, when police arrested Morales on an unrelated charge. The other two arrests happened on July 19, when Islas was arrested in North Brunswick in the morning, and Lemus-Ramos was busted in Elizabeth later that day.

Lemus-Remos is in custody on $2 million bail; Islas and Morales are in the pen on $1.75 million bail each.

Lopez is being held on $1 million bail in the same jail.

Anyone with information in the murder of Eduardo Mendez is asked to contact NBPD Detective Brandt Gregus at (732) 745-5217, or Middlesex County Prosecutor's Investigator Scott Crocco at (732) 745-4471.

Anyone with information in the murder of David Campos-Garcia is asked to call Detective Drew Weiss at (732) 745-5217 or Investigator Adrian Villegas at (732) 745-3300.