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SUV Crashes Into New Brunswick White Castle, Injuring Three Onboard

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–A 1999 Range Rover traveling south on Route 27 smashed into the front of the New Brunswick White Castle around 10:30 this morning.

Carteret resident Fatama Kamara was behind the wheel of the Range Rover when it hit a 2005 Toyota Camry, operated by Tyshon Edwards of Monmouth Junction.  The Range Rover richocheted off the Camry and into the northbound lanes of Somerset Street, and continued into the front of the White Castle.

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Five Students Complete Bicycle Trip From New Brunswick to Orlando

ORLANDO, FL—After a 28-day bicycle trip that began in New Brunswick's Buccleuch Park, five Rutgers students arrived this afternoon at their destination: Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Gabrielle Rossi, Richard Trent, Philip Lubick, Brendan McCartney, and Sameen Jalal embarked on the 1,615 mile journey on July 28 as part of a fundraiser for the Embrace Kids Foundation's "Dream4TK" project.

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Disappointed with City Leaders, Activists Want Voters to Ban Fracking Drilling This November

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In 2011 New Brunswick’s City Council supported a statewide ban on fracking, a type of gas drilling that has yet to be attempted in New Jersey, but one that has been proven to cause earthquakes and poison drinking water in other states.

Food & Water Watch organizers and city residents came out in force earlier this year to call on the council to take "the next logical step" and pass an ordinance banning fracking within the city limits.

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Last Call For Grease Trucks Sandwiches: Vendors Prepare to Close at 2AM Tonight

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A large crowd is expected tonight at what is sure to be a memorable farewell to a Rutgers culinary tradition as the city's famous grease trucks prepare to leave a Rutgers parking lot that they have called home for 21 years.

Fears that the trucks would be packing up early tonight led hundreds of fat sandwich fans to wait in line patiently for a taste of history last night, as a television news crew broadcast live from the scene of the spectacle.

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