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Senate President Blocks Martin Perez Appointment to Rutgers Board by Threatening a Lawsuit

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Today at 1pm, a newly-expanded Rutgers Board of Governors met for the first time to open its hearing on the 2013-2014 academic year tuition cost.

But one of its newest members, New Brunswick resident Martin Perez was conspicuously absent.  Sources say State Senate President Steve Sweeney surprised the university with the threat of a lawsuit if Perez was permitted to participate in the meeting.

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Chemist Who Worked at Squibb Found Guilty of Poisoning Husband

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ— A Bristol-Myers Squibb chemist created a toxic potion sending her husband into a coma he never returned from, according a to a jury verdict Tuesday at the county courthouse.

Tianle Li, 42, was charged with the murder of her husband, Xiaoye Wang, in January 2011.  Prosecutors argued Li poisoned Wang with thallium, a colorless, tasteless, odorless drug lethal in small doses.

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New Brunswick Community Remembers 22-Year-Old Man Who Passed Away After Seizure

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The New Brunswick community continues to mourn the loss of a popular and beloved young man, Sirjode A. Caracter, who passed away after suffering a fatal seizure that occurred in his sleep on June 17.

There was a huge turnout for the Comstock Street resident's funeral services last weekend.  And a memorial benefit concert, in commemoration of Caracter's life and achievements, is planned for tonight at 7pm in the Mount Calvary Missionary Church (150 Throop Avenue).

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