Parking Authority Board Holds Quick Public Meeting Behind Locked Door

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city's powerful parking authority board met yesterday, but a malfunctioning door meant that members of the public, including the author of this article, were blocked from attending the 5pm public meeting.

Last fall, the authority moved its offices and changed the regular board meeting location to the sixth floor of the Gateway Center, the tallest building in town, and one that is owned partly by the authority.  According to NBPA Executive Director Mitch Karon, the front door to the new offices "malfunctioned," allowing for a very short meeting with no members of the public present.

"The door normally is locked at 5 pm. We extend the time until 6:30 on board meeting nights; evidently it malfunctioned," Karon said.

"We will need to install a call button so in the future security can respond if timer malfunctions again."

With no way to contact the Parking Authority over an intercom, let alone anything more favorable to people with disabilities, two members of the New Brunswick Today staff were denied access to the meeting.

A United States Postal Service worker, meanwhile, was prevented from delivering the mail to the parking authority.  It is unclear whether this is a regular occurrence.

The board meeting concluded in less than 26 minutes, according to Karon.