SOMERVILLE, NJ—On July 16, a New Brunswick woman allegedly poured lighter fluid on a Somerville resident and attacked her partner with a bat at approximately 10 pm in the victim's home on Second Street.

Somerville police responded to a call reporting a fight and arrived to find Jolean Badger, 33, being subdued by the male victim, according to a report on

Badger, who previously dated the man, traveled to the house and knocked on the front door.  When the female resident opened the door, Badger allegedly splashed the lighter fluid on the woman and on the floor of her home.

The woman then withdrew into the house and her male companion attempted to keep Badger from going inside, as she assaulted the man with an aluminum bat aiming for his head and torso.

The man eventually gained control of the bat but Badger allegedly retreived a knife from her sock and started making a threatening movement in the direction of the female victim.  The man continued to restrain Badger until she was able to wrest free then returned with a box of matches and attempted to light the fluid that had previously been sprayed on the floor.

Eventually, the man was able to subdue Badger long enough for police to arrive on the scene.  Both received minor injuries during the incident.  Aside from being doused in the initial confrontation, the female victim did not receive any other injuries.

Badger has been charged with aggravated arson, aggravated assault and two counts of possession of a weapon with an unlawful purpose.  She is currently being held in Somerset County on $100,000 bail.  

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