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Fast-Tracked Law Threatens to End Rutgers Board of Trustees Just Days Before UMDNJ Merger

TRENTON, NJ—Led by Senate President Steve Sweeney, state officials have been quietly working this week to enact a major change that would eliminate the larger half of Rutgers University's governance structure, the 247-year-old Board of Trustees.

The change would also give Governor Christie and his successors full control over the appointments to the remaining half of the governance structure, the powerful Board of Governors.

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Long-Awaited White Rose Hamburgers Opening on Easton Avenue

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—White Rose Hamburgers, also known as White Rose System, is set to officially open today at 43 Easton Avenue, according to owner Michael Litos.

And the good news gets better: White Rose on Easton Avenue will also offer delivery in the near future.

White Rose in Highland Park has been a local favorite since it opened in 1957.  White Roses's well-known sliders are one of a kind: above-average sized patties come on a soft kaiser roll and are topped with a generous amount of cheese and sautéed onions.

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Two Children Rescued from Internet Brothel, Eleven Arrested in Scheme

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Last Friday, after investigations of an online based prostitution ring, police across the nation arrested eleven individuals on charges of promoting and engaging in prostitution, among other crimes.

Officials said that two teenage girls, ages 15 and 17, were rescued in New Brunswick and will be returned to their families.  It is not immediately clear where exactly the girls were rescued from.

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New Brunswick Population is Rising: 873 New Residents in Two Years

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Hub City continued to be the state's 27th-largest municipality by population last year, according to recently released numbers.  Between 2010 and 2012, New Brunswick's official population grew by 873 residents, or 1.6%.

New Brunswick's official 2012 population is 56,160, though the actual number of residents is likely much higher due to large numbers of undocumented immigrants and college students.

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Ten-Term Sheriff Admits He Sold Police Jobs For Decades, Faces Nine Years in Jail

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Middlesex County's longtime Sheriff Joe Spicuzzo plead guilty to bribery earlier today in Monmouth County Courthouse today after two years of limbo, where it seemed for a while that he might get off.

Instead, under a plea agreement with the Attorney General's Office, the 67-year-old will serve up to nine years in state prison, but will become eligible for parole after two years.

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Prosecutor’s Office Will Appeal Judge’s Decision to Throw Out Conviction of Former NBPA Security Guards

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Judge Bradley Ferencz acquitted two men convicted of failing to report the thefts of their fellow employees at the New Brunswick Parking Authority on May 16.

But the county prosecutor's office tells that it will appeal the judge's decision.

“Given that the jury found the defendants guilty, we disagree with the judge’s decision, and our office is filing an appeal,” said Andrew Carey, the new Middlesex County Prosecutor.

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