BOE Candidate Profile: Patricia Sadowski

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Patricia Sadowski, a 16-year incumbent member of the New Brunswick Board of Education, is seeking re-election today.

A lifelong resident of the Hub City and New Brunswick High School graduate, Sadowski addressed her concerns and hopes for all New Brunswick public schools in last Thursday's debate.

Her goal, if reelected, is to finish the construction of a new building for the Redshaw Elementary School, which was closed in 2006 with the promise of a replacement school.

Sadowski, a Robert Wood Johnson Hospital nurse for the past 40 years feels the health and physical education curriculum is the most important revision.  She sais she understands there is a growing obesity problem in the city and feels proper nutrition and health courses will help counteract the issue.

To provide a better education for the city's youth, she encouraged parents to become more involved in their child's education.  She commended the school system's educators for the role they provide in the student's lives. 

Sadowski shares similar views to her opponents on issues concerning the effectiveness of standardized testing, rampant gang violence, and record-low graduation rates.

The candidates were nearly unanimous with regards to standardized testing in school.

“Standardized testing should only be used as a tool to improve,” Sadowski said. “I don't believe in standardized testing.”

New Brunswick High School, notorious for high drop out rates, has the lowest graduation rates in Middlesex County, with a 58 percent of students not completing high school. Sadowski believes that small individualized programs within each grade level will help to ensure student's are learning and understanding classroom material.

“I've been thinking about the Twilight programs, maybe an expansion of the adult learning center.  I have talked with some of my fellow board members about this, this is something we really need to look into.”

She hopes to be elected for another three-year term on the board and urged listeners that voting is a privilege, encouraging residents to hit the polls.

“I don't feel that I'm finished. The thing I bring to the table is that I'm a mom. It's the experiences my children went through as students and I bring that with me all the time.”

Polls are open today from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m.  Please visit for up-to-date election results this evening.

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