Another New Building Planned For College Avenue

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Rutgers School of Communication & Information will be expanding into a new office building with a conference room, to begin construction this summer.

The new 5,190-square-foot building will replace a small surface parking lot on Huntington Street, near the Alexander Library.

It will be three stories tall and gray in color.  A nearby building will be recolored to match the new structure.

University spokesman Greg Trevor said the project was needed "to meet additional space needs caused by program growth."

The university presented this previously-approved project at a February 12 Planning Board, because it sought to make a few changes, including the building's color.

The windows on the third floor were also modified to be wider, wood trim was to be painted brown, and white gutters were added along the edges of roof.

As we reported in September, a plan for a new theological seminary building was the first new College Avenue development to be approved in years.