NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–The city’s parking authority is offerring free parking for city residents at five public parking decks this evening in an effort to keep streets clear of cars.

UPDATE: The New Brunswick Parking Authority announced that free snow emergency parking for residents will end Monday morning at 8am.

A storm has been dropping a mix of snow, rain, and sleet on New Brunswick since this morning, prompting the authority to declare a snow emergency and open the decks to the public at 3pm.

The decks offerring free resident parking are the Morris Street, New Street, Plum Street, Wolfson, and Wellness Plaza Decks.

A map of the decks was posted on the authority’s Twitter account today.  Here’s a close-up:


The full map also indicates in red the city’s “snow emergency routes” where parked cars will be towed en masse.

The authority hopes it will make the Department of Public Works’ job clearing the roadways easier.

An added benefit for residents is that they won’t have to shovel out, or even scrape their windshields if they take the authority up on their offer.

But, residents and others should take notice that due to the snow emergency, it is now illegal to park on the following streets in the city:

Name of Street
Albany Street
Entire length.
Bayard Street
Entire length.
Church Street
Entire length.
College Avenue
Hamilton Street to Somerset Street.
Commercial Avenue
Entire length.
Courtlandt Street
Entire length.
Easton Avenue
Albany Street to Huntington Street.
Elm Row
Entire length.
French Street
Handy Street to Spring Street.
George Street
Hamilton Street to Commercial Avenue.
Georges Road
Lawrence Street to Commercial Avenue.
Hamilton Street
Louis Street to George Street.
Handy Street
Jersey Avenue to Remsen Avenue.
Huntington Street
Entire length.
Jersey Avenue
Sandford Street to Handy Street.
Joyce Kilmer Avenue
French Street to Sandford Street.
Kirkpatrick Street
Entire length.
Liberty Street
Entire length.
Livingston Avenue
Entire length.
Louis Street
Entire length.
Neilson Street
Albany Street to Commercial Avenue.
New Street
George Street to Joyce Kilmer Avenue.
Oliver Street
Entire length.
Paterson Street
Entire length.
Sandford Street
Joyce Kilmer Avenue to Commercial Avenue.
Scott Street
Entire length.
Somerset Street
Florence Street to George Street.
Suydam Street
Nichol Avenue to Livingston Avenue.
Suydam Street
French Street to Livingston Avenue.
Wall Street
Entire length.

The storm is expected to continue through Saturday with reports indicating anywhere between 3 and 12 inches of snow accumulation.

To find out when the snow emergency is lifted and free parking at the five decks comes to an end, follow the New Brunswick’s coverage of the storm on Facebook and Twitter.

Charlie is the founder and editor of New Brunswick Today, and the winner of the Awbrey Award for Community-Oriented Local Journalism. He is a proud Rutgers University journalism graduate, a community organizer, and a former independent candidate for mayor of New Brunswick.