Official New Brunswick City Council 2013 Meeting Schedule

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The five-member city council approved the standard meeting schedule for 2013: the first and third Wednesday of every month at City Hall.

The meetings are held on the top floor of City Hall, located at 78 Bayard Street in downtown.  Parking is provided free to anyone attending the meeting in the lot behind City Hall.

Members of the public are permitted to ask questions and give comments on every law being passed by the council at the appropriate time on the meeting's agenda.  At a certain point in the meeting, the public is invited to ask questions or give comments on any topic or topics they desire.

Below is the meeting schedule approved on January 2 by the council at their re-organization meeting:

January 16 @ 6:30pm
February 6 @ 6:30pm
February 20 @ 6:30pm
March 6 @ 6:30pm
March 20 @ 6:30pm
April 3 @ 6:30pm
April 17 @ 6:30pm
May 1 @ 6:30pm
May 15 @ 6:30pm
June 5 @ 5:30pm
June 19 @ 5:30pm
July 3 @ 5:30pm
July 17 @ 5:30pm
August 7 @ 5:30pm
August 21 @ 5:30pm
September 3 @ 6:30pm
September 18 @ 6:30pm
October 2 @ 6:30pm
October 16 @ 6:30pm
November 6 @ 6:30pm
November 20 @ 6:30pm
December 4 @ 6:30pm
December 18 @ 6:30pm
December 30 @ 5:30pm

Unlike most local legislative bodies, the New Brunswick City Council does not hold a separate public meeting to decide the agenda for their regular meeting.  Instead, the council holds the agenda meeting immediately before the regular meeting.

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Charlie is the founder and editor of New Brunswick Today, and the winner of the Awbrey Award for Community-Oriented Local Journalism. He is a proud Rutgers University journalism graduate and a community organizer, and was an independent candidate for Mayor of New Brunswick in 2018.