Rutgers: New Brunswick PD is Investigating RUPD-Pedestrian Accident

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In the first official statement on a car accident involving a Rutgers police vehicle, Rutgers University spokesman Greg Trevor said that the New Brunswick Police Department "is the investigating agency on the matter."

As we reported yesterday, a student was seriously injured after being struck by a Rutgers police car on College Avenue at 5:24pm Wednesday.

"My understanding is that the NBPD report is complete.  I do not have that report. I would suggest that you contact NBPD to get that report," he said in an email sent at 2:38pm today.

NBPD spokesman JT Miller has the day off today.  City spokesman Russell Marchetta told that he would look into whether the police report was available.

He could not immediately confirm that the NBPD was the lead investigating agency.

The student that was injured is still hospitalized at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a leg injury, according to Trevor.

Additionally, has located a cell phone video of the aftermath of the accident.  It was posted to the social media website Yfrog.


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