NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—According to a press release, Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce J. Kaplan announced that the county’s gun surrender program had collected 311 guns in New Brunswick last weekend.

The program offers residents $80 for each operable handgun and $150 for each operable assault weapon with no questions asked.

The weapons were dropped off by residents on April 21 and April 22, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall on Commercial Avenue in New Brunswick.

“Since these weapons can potentially fall into the wrong hands and be used for illegal purposes, it is imperative that law enforcement offer a means of safely disposing of unwanted weapons,” Kaplan said.

He added that, “The exchange of operable handguns and assault rifles for cash is a fair incentive to help keep our streets safe.”

According to the release, people even turned in guns that were not qualified for payments such as shotguns and rifles. The county recieved a total of 36 guns that were not eligble for payment.

The program is funded by assets that were obtained by criminals through illegal activities, and forfeited by court order following convictions for drugs sales and other crimes.