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Public Safety

Two Men Hospitalized After Shooting at "Arts Annex" Rental Hall in Tiny Town
July 18, 2016
New Brunswick Police Vehicles Left Two Cars with Minor Damage on June 25
July 17, 2016
MCPO: 57-Year-Old Bay City Resident in Stable Condition After Being Struck by Car
July 12, 2016
Sources on Scene: Victim's Injuries Came From Shattered Glass, Not a Bullet
July 6, 2016
New Brunswick Police Increasingly Secretive About Who They Arrest
July 4, 2016
Mallory Christ Taught Math and Led South Plainfield HS Cheerleading Team
July 4, 2016
County Prosecutor Claims 30-Year-Old Perth Amboy Man Made "Cyber Threat"
July 1, 2016
Crash Came Three Hours After NBPD Arrested Someone For Crashing Into Three Vehicles While Allegedly Drunk
July 1, 2016
Kids Party in South Brunswick Nearly Turned Deadly as Boy Fell to Bottom of Pool
June 30, 2016
29-Year-Old Man Shot in Chest in Parking Lot of New Affordable Housing Complex
June 29, 2016
Consumers Urged to Anchor Chests and Dressers or Return for Refund
June 29, 2016
Police Captain Also Said Incident Occurred "Near Remsen Avenue" But Emergency Radio Transmissions Reveal It Happened More Than Two Blocks Away
June 26, 2016
MCPO: 53-Year-Old Pradipkum Shah Killed in His Home on June 10
June 20, 2016
Perth Amboy Police Among More Than a Dozen Law Enforcement Agencies Thanked For Involvement in Major Investigation
June 20, 2016
30-Year-Old Man From Piscataway Strikes 65-Year-Old Woman on Highway
June 20, 2016
Two-and-a-Half-Year Ordeal Ends in Exoneration and Restitution For City Resident Who Lost His Job and Spent 70 Days in Prison
June 16, 2016
Highland Park Police Allegedly Struggled With Man Who Died at Hospital on June 2
June 15, 2016
Partner in Out-of-County Law Firm Faces Criminal Charge For Lying About Crash
June 14, 2016
MCPO: Police Resolved "Potentially Dangerous Situation" on Federal Road on May 20
June 14, 2016
Former Chief Benjamin Ruiz Terminated by City Less Than Two Weeks After Arrest For Trespassing
June 11, 2016
24-Year-Old Fugitive Jorge Ratliff Faces Second-Degree Robbery Charge
June 10, 2016
Source: Same Person Was Previously Targeted in Ongoing Family Dispute, This Time The Target's Brother Was Hit by Gunfire
June 8, 2016
Hillary Clinton Earned 61% of The Vote in Middlesex County, But Millie Scott Had Highest Vote Total
June 7, 2016
One Defendant Looking at 25 Years in State Prison, The Other Faces 10-Year Sentence
June 7, 2016
Retired Sheriff's Officer "Peter" Pedro Pisar Running Against Current Officer David Pawski in June 7 Primary, Winner Will Face Incumbent Sheriff Millie Scott
June 7, 2016
One Officer Who Was Behind The Wheel, and Two Who Tried to Cover Up What Happened Were Indicted by a Grand Jury
June 5, 2016
New Charges of Trespassing and Impersonating a Cop Come on Top of Unrelated Indictment on Theft, Official Misconduct, and Witness Tampering Charges
May 31, 2016
Sheriff: Candice Burgess Has Been Suspended Without Pay For Six Days
May 27, 2016
Top Cop Andrew Carey's Financial Disclosure Statements Omit Required Info, His Wife Represents Land Use Boards in Middlesex County
May 25, 2016
Immigration Agency Confirms Two Anonymous Individuals Were Apprehended
May 24, 2016
Authorities Still Searching For Body of Baby, Now They Are Charging The Parents With Hindering Their Investigation and Desecration of Human Remains
May 20, 2016
New Building Survives Close Call as Blaze Burns Construction Material, Garbage, and Propane Tanks Atop Former Site of NB Theological Seminary
May 20, 2016
Payment to Victim's Family Ordered by Judge, Attacker on Way to Juvenile Detention
May 19, 2016
MCPO Doesn't Identify Suspect or Police Officer Who Fired a Shot at Him, Authorities Say It All Started When Suspect Ran a Red Light in New Brunswick
May 18, 2016
Fire Department Washed Down Area And Provided Lighting as Contractor Dug Up Grassy Patch in Front of Remsen Avenue Home, and NBPD Detectives Went In and Out
May 17, 2016
Police Searching For Newark Man as Crime is Revealed to Be More Serious Than Originally Reported by Authorities
May 13, 2016
Late-Night Attack Happened Near Van Dyck Hall and Seminary Place
May 10, 2016
Police Spokesman Light on Details, Citing Ongoing Investigation
May 3, 2016
Source: Warrant Execution Called Off at Piscataway Residence of Kevin Harris
April 26, 2016
First Rutgers University Crime Alert Since Late February 27
April 22, 2016
School Safety, Politics, and Pension Issue Collide After Video of Attack on Student
April 18, 2016
Paul Cano III Out on Bail Until July 18 After His Sentencing is Delayed Yet Again
April 18, 2016
Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office Identifies Victim, But Not Cop Who Shot Him
April 9, 2016
Richard Patterson Becomes Second Firefighter Charged With Ripping Off Taxpayers
April 8, 2016
Fired Valets Once Parked Cars For Patrons at Frog & The Peach and Delta's Restaurant, Now They Face Bribery and Conspiracy Charges For Buying Silence of Others
April 8, 2016
Carmine Luizza Arrested After Allegedly Driving With .09 BAC and Kids in Car
March 25, 2016
MCPO Announces Murder Charge Against City Resident in Fatal March 7 Shooting
March 18, 2016
Double-Dipping Ex-NBPD Director Peter Mangarella Silent Since Beating at NBHS
March 17, 2016
Cops Charged For False Statements, But Officer They Protected Remains Anonymous
March 16, 2016