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Richard Patterson Becomes Second Firefighter Charged With Ripping Off Taxpayers
April 8, 2016
Fired Valets Once Parked Cars For Patrons at Frog & The Peach and Delta's Restaurant, Now They Face Bribery and Conspiracy Charges For Buying Silence of Others
April 8, 2016
MCPO Announces Murder Charge Against City Resident in Fatal March 7 Shooting
March 18, 2016
Double-Dipping Ex-NBPD Director Peter Mangarella Silent Since Beating at NBHS
March 17, 2016
Cops Charged For False Statements, But Officer They Protected Remains Anonymous
March 16, 2016
Captain Michael Bobadilla and Officers Attended Church Service on Suydam Street
March 16, 2016
Cole Cadigan From Wall Township Was Charged With Simple Assault by Milltown Police, But The Department Tried to Keep Cadigan's Identity a Secret At First
March 16, 2016
74-Year-Old "Brother" Lived at All-Boys School Led By New Brunswick Councilman
March 16, 2016
Violence in City Schools Takes Center Stage at Volatile Bilingual BOE Meeting
March 16, 2016
Ronald Franz's New Law Enforcement Job Didn't Last Long Before DWI Charge
March 14, 2016
Marcos Hernandez Died at RWJ Hospital in City's First Reported Murder of 2016
March 10, 2016
Shooting at Intersection of Townsend and Drift Drew Crowds of Neighbors and Police
March 8, 2016
Politics Trumps Policework as City Attorney Investigates Case of Former NBPD Director Joseph Catanese's Firearm That Was Allegedly Stolen
March 4, 2016
City Council Approves Appointment of James Harding as Public Defender
March 2, 2016
One Victim Was Knocked to Ground in Aggravated Assault at Union and Mine
February 28, 2016
Officer Performed CPR After Finding Man Without Pulse, Both Victims Needed Surgery
February 22, 2016
Serious Assaults Have Spiked: Assaults with Guns Increased 52% in Past Two Years, Assaults with "Knives or Cutting Instruments" Up By 157%
February 17, 2016
Former NBPD Director Joseph Catanese Refused to Say What Property Was Stolen From His Car, But His Boss TK Shamy Investigated and Revealed it Was a Firearm
February 14, 2016
Three Suspects Escape After Assaulting Man on Huntington Street
February 14, 2016
Perp Knocked Victim to Ground and Checked Their Pockets For Valuables, Before Leaving Empty Handed From Scene at Neilsen and Tabernacle
February 12, 2016
Smoke Shop Refused Armed Robber Hours After Former Worker Showed Up at Scissorhands and Allegedly Assaulted Someone
February 12, 2016
Brian Fowlkes' Sentence of Life Without Parole Rejected, Judge Ferencz Allowed AP Testimony to Support Inmate Witness' Credibility
February 11, 2016
Police Responded to Fight Outside Outside The Old Bay Restaurant, One Rutgers Student Was Charged With Attempted Murder
February 5, 2016
New Brunswick Today Compiles Public Safety Information For Our Readers
February 1, 2016
Scott Campion Lost His Job as a Sheriff's Officer Years Ago, Sheriff Spicuzzo Rehired Him as a Dispatcher, Now Campion Has Resigned After a High-Profile Drug Arrest
February 1, 2016
RUPD Investigating Violent Crime in Rural Section of Campus Just Outside Hub City
January 29, 2016
Perpetrator Allegedly Touched Victim's Thigh and Buttocks Before Exiting on George St.
January 29, 2016
Police: Preliminary Investigation Suggests Suicide in "Wooded Area" Near Jersey Ave.
January 29, 2016
Man From NYC Suffers Back Injuries After Falling 30 Feet Down Out of Service Shaft
January 18, 2016
Applications Due February 5, Eligible to All County Resident Over 18 Who Can Pass Background Check
January 16, 2016
Agents Broke Down Door of Lawrence Street Home and Took 21-Year-Old NBHS Grad, He Committed No Crime and Had Been Granted "Deferred Action"
January 11, 2016
Apartment Catches Fire Near Intersection of Redmond and Throop
January 10, 2016
Two Weeks Prior, Two Men Were Shot on The Other Side of County Line in Franklin
January 10, 2016
51-Year-Old City Woman Arrested and Charged With DWI After Crash
January 8, 2016
2002 BMW Was Reportedly Taken From Morristown in a Felony Carjacking
January 5, 2016
At Least Two New Brunswick Police Vehicles and One North Brunswick Police Vehicle Were Damaged in Crashes During in First Weekend of 2016
January 4, 2016
No Crime Alert Issued, Case Was Quickly Closed Without Explanation, No Answers Available Because Rutgers Office of Ethics & Compliance is Out on Holiday
December 30, 2015
After Another Man Got Out of a Vehicle and Shot Him Twice, The Victim Ran Into Hub Liquors and Then Out Onto French Street
December 26, 2015
NBPD Has Not Publicized The Incident That Occurred Just After 1AM on December 25
December 26, 2015
NBPD Did Not Make Any Arrests, Waited Six Days to Confirm The Crime Happened
December 23, 2015
Incident Occurred Near Talmadge Street in Second Ward
December 16, 2015
Dion Napier's Lawyer Says He Was Taken to Hospital From NBPD Headquarters, Police Charged Him With Nearly a Dozen Offenses
December 16, 2015
City Police Investigating Gunpoint Robbery on Morrell Street, Strongarm Robbery That Injured Two on Mine Street, & Bizarre Gun Incident on Nichol Av.
December 12, 2015
Crime Alert: Rutgers Man Injured in Mugging Near Greenhouses at 7PM
December 12, 2015
23-Year-Old Woman From Lawrenceville Becomes Third Person This Year to Commit Suicide From a City Parking Deck
December 11, 2015
Crime Alert: Woman Asked to Enter SUV by Strangers, But After She Declined, a Man Tried to Push Her In Until Bystanders Yelled
December 11, 2015
No Crime Alert Issued After Guilden Street Residents Awoke to Find Suspects Robbing Their House, One Resident Chased Them Out into The Street
December 2, 2015
Police Captain Confirms Two People Reported Injured, No Kids on Bus
November 30, 2015
New Brunswick Landlord Paul Cano Has Not Been Sentenced Almost Two Years After He Was Arrested as Part of NJ State Police Takedown of Drug and Gun Sales Network
November 30, 2015