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Livingston Elementary Principal Suspended February 2 For Reasons Unknown
March 8, 2018
As Construction Proceeds in Lobby, Private Security Company Orders No Photography
March 6, 2018
Three Incumbents Will Face Four Challengers in Race For Three School Board Seats
March 6, 2018
Firm Charged NBHA $201,844 Since 2015, Exceeding Budget For Four Straight Years
March 6, 2018
Marquise Prather Reproduced "Intimate Photos and Videos" He Found by Illegally Searching The Phones of Women During Traffic Stops
March 6, 2018
Woman Claims Male Colleagues in Same Position Paid Far More Due to Discrimination
March 2, 2018
Under Pressure From This Newspaper, Application Deadline Extended to March 5
March 1, 2018
Ed Spencer Falsely Claimed District Tested Water "Annually... For The Past 10 Years"
February 28, 2018
Judge Flynn Presided Over His Trial Before Recusing Herself From Subsequent Case
February 28, 2018
Thomas Canales Found Guilty of Exposing Himself to Kids and Other Sex Crimes
February 23, 2018
Anthony Vignuolo and Leonard Bier Replaced in Jobs Representing City Agencies
February 23, 2018
One Firm Charged NBHA More Than Five Times Their Entire Legal Budget Last Year
February 22, 2018
ICE Crackdowns Targeting Indonesian Community Lead to Ruling Protecting Them
February 20, 2018
MCPO Also Filed Charges of Insurance Fraud, Money Laundering, Tampering, and Perjury Against Piscataway Couple That Owns Road Runner Bail Bonds
February 19, 2018
Ann Marie McCarthy Arrested in December on Charges She Defrauded Horizon
February 18, 2018
NJ State Police: 16-Year-Old Used Vehicle to Make Traffic Stops and Rob Victims
February 18, 2018
Officer Anthony Jones and Four Others Face Criminal Charges For "Bar Fight"
February 14, 2018
For The First Time in Years, NBHA Takes Preliminary Applications For Public Housing
February 14, 2018
Senator's Friend Awaits Sentencing on Separate Charges of Defrauding Medicare
February 12, 2018
In Bad Weather, New Brunswick and Perth Amboy Open Warming Shelters
February 10, 2018
Lawsuit: Jail's Negligence Contributed to 25-Year-Old Woman's Suicide
February 5, 2018
MCPO: Double-Dipping Battalion Chief Simultaneously Charged City and County
January 28, 2018
Sheiff's Office Asked For Help Creating Three Coloring Books With Safety Tips
January 27, 2018
Disgraced Franklin Township Resident Convicted of Demanding Cash and Sex From Undocumented Immigrants Who He Placed on Temporary Protected Status Docket
January 26, 2018
Craig Coughlin Takes Over For Vincent Prieto in Key Role Leading House
January 26, 2018
$2.5 Billion "Riverton" Plan a Joint Venture of PGIM and North American Properties
January 25, 2018
Luther Lewis Pled Guilty to Scheme That Quickly Sold Cars Bought With Bad Checks
January 24, 2018
Feds Prosecuted Co-Owner and President of Bayway Lumber, Along With His Salesman
January 23, 2018
County Administrator John Pulomena Takes Responsibility For Botched Appointment
January 19, 2018
Democracy Now's Juan Gonzalez Joined Rutgers Faculty in 2017
January 18, 2018
Yirgu Wolde Threatened Our Editor After a Raucous Housing Authority Meeting
January 18, 2018
MCDO Chairman Kevin McCabe Takes Coveted Seat Powerful Public Agency's Board
January 16, 2018
"Civics For The Community Series" Educates Residents About How Government Works
January 16, 2018
Hearing Officer Orders Unusual Arrangement For Mayor Reiman's Indicted Brother
January 12, 2018
Middlesex County's Policy on Detainer Requests Has Been Criticized by ICE
January 12, 2018
One Big Reason Sewer Bills Have Gotten More Expensive Was $5 Million MCUA Paid to Settle Case Last Year After Blowing $7.6 Million on Politically-Connected Lawyers
January 11, 2018
Wife Reportedly Yelled He Was a "Manipulative Monster" at Sentencing
January 9, 2018
US Gulf Coast and Many Carribbean Islands Were Devastated by Hurricanes in 2017
January 9, 2018
MCPO Claimed Cops "Revived" Arrestee When They Really Used Pepper Spray on Him
December 28, 2017
Police Admit to Arresting and Using Force Against Daniel Nagahama in His Final Hours
December 5, 2017
City and Insurance Fund Paid Lawyers Over $1 Million Before Settling Case For $172K
November 29, 2017
MCPO: Nicholas Poliseno Used Memorial Fund to Gamble in Atlantic City
November 27, 2017
Dale Caldwell Also Falsely Accused New Brunswick Today of Illegally Recording Him
November 23, 2017
Facing Decades Behind Bars, Andres Minaya Paid Bribe Intended For City Employee
November 9, 2017
Local Races in South River and South Amboy Are Still Too Close to Call
November 8, 2017
Number of Registered Voters in Downtown District Has Almost Doubled Since 2004
November 6, 2017
NBHA Still Has Not Held a Public Meeting Since Devastating Audit Was Released
November 5, 2017
Deal With Middlesex County Joint Health Insurance Fund Questioned by Union
November 2, 2017
HUD Seeks to Penalize NBHA With Funding Cuts After Questioning $1.4 Million Spent
October 24, 2017