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$20 to Enter Contest That Will Pit Small Robots Against One Another

Same Attacker That Has Been Targeting Rutgers Appears to Have Struck Again
Rutgers OIT
Rutgers OIT Rutgers

Rutgers Campus Named #19 Best Place to Play Augmented Reality Game in USA
Pokémon Go at Rutgers
Rutgers University is one of the best places to enjoy the newest craze in mobile gaming. Stephen Roca

Pilot Program That Ended Dec. 31 Found LPR Technology's Accuracy Was "Over 92%"
An LPR mounted on the roof of a New Brunswick Parking Authority vehicle on January 9. Charlie Kratovil

Hyatt Hotel Hosted Rutgers Online Learning Conference on January 11 and 12
Verificient Table
Verificient Technologies' table at the Rutgers Online Learning Conference Daniel Munoz

RU Becomes Most Recent University to Ban Hoverboards on Campus
U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission

RU Used Three Online Exam Proctoring Companies Before Examity Cut Ties in October
examity examity

Sixth Cyberattack on Rutgers Despite $3M Spent to Stop Cyberattacks
Twitter user "exfocus," who took credit for the attacks Twitter

Proceeds Going to Help Center's Growing Outpatient Care and Support Programs
RWJ Somerset
RWJ Somerset RWJ Somerset

Edison Memorial Tower Celebrates Life and Inventions of Thomas Alva Edison
Edison logo
Since 1954, the Township to the north of New Brunswick has been named for its most famous resident, Thomas Edison. Charlie Kratovil