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Public Safety

No One Seriously Injured in Any of The Three Harrowing Incidents on August 5
Crime Scene
No injuries were reported in this shooting at Throop and Comstock. Six weeks later, three men were shot a block away. Charlie Kratovil

Woman Charged With Careless Driving After Striking 71-Year-Old Man on Easton Ave.
Easton Avenue
Easton Avenue was the scene where a 71-year-old pedestrian was struck by an allegedly careless driver. Bing Maps

NJ Organizations Pressure Congress to Maintain Federal Housing Funding
Homeless Graph
The total number of homeless people counted in Middlesex County increased by about 20% in 2017. Monarch Housing

Policy Makes Disruptions to "Official University Business" Offense in Student Code
Rutgers Protest
This huge protest could now be considered prohibited conduct if President Barchi wanted to invoke a new disruption policy. Charlie Kratovil