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NBToday in The News

Launched online in 2011, and in print since 2013, New Brunswick Today strives to provide a voice to the voiceless and improve the level of discourse in our community.

We always welcome feedback, criticism, and suggestions, as well as news coverage and analysis from other media outlets and academic institutions.

Learn more about New Jersey's only independent, bilingual community newspaper here.

Academic Research on New Brunswick Today's Impact

"Community Information Needs Assessment: New Brunswick, New Jersey"
(Rutgers University Media and the Public Interest Initiative)

"Longtime residents pointed to the loss of in-depth local coverage by newspaper outlets... The hyperlocal, New Brunswick Today, however, was pointed to as playing a crucial role in helping to fill these gaps in local news coverage for the community."

"Both focus group sessions noted ways that the long-time city government/administration may be controlling messaging within the community and discussed New Brunswick Today as a major counter-voice."

Awards and Recognition

Stuart & Beverly Awbrey Award for community-oriented local journalism

"The Awbrey honors the weekly or local online publication that goes beyond standard reporting of local events, instead seeking to inspire communities to better themselves...

Editor Charlie Kratovil won the prestigious award in 2016 for his work in 2015 covering the New Brunswick Water Utility.

"New Brunswick Today is being honored for a series of stories it called Watergate — except unlike the original Watergate, this one involves actual water. The mainly web-based independent news operation (it publishes a monthly print edition) engaged in a relentless inquiry into the operations of New Brunswick’s water treatment plant, ofttimes putting itself at odds with city officials. Kratovil’s dogged efforts helped raise the profile of an important local issue and helped New Brunswick residents get and stay involved in the matter."

Tim O'Brien Award for Open Public Records Act Reporting

"DANIEL MUNOZ of New Brunswick Today was the first-place winner of our Tim O’Brien Award, local division, for a series of stories about the use of anti-cheating software at Rutgers University. The software costs Rutgers students $32 a class, and uses facial and knuckle recognition technology."

Other NJ Society of Professional Journalists Awards

Charlie Kratovil won the first-place award in the local category for investigative journalism for the series "Housing Authority Shenanigans" for the year 2015

"These articles reflect effort and guts in holding an important local agency accountable," wrote the judges.

Sam Romero won first-place in the Cartooning category for his drawing, "First and 10 to 20."

Dave Schatz won second place honors in "Business Reporting" category for his coverage of Johnson & Johnson.

An article on the controversy over a building planned for Mine Street, written by Charlie Kratovil, Richard Rabinowitz, Michael Benavides, and David Bedford won third place in the "Headline Writing" category

Reporting About New Brunswick Today

Columbia Journalism Review

"Investigative local reporting has a future—but it won’t look like the past" (12/18/15) 

Their reporting on surveillance software and online learning at Rutgers was picked up by the New York Times, their investigation of Rutgers University police included an important open records request and lawsuit, and they broke a major story about the city’s water utility.


"How a New Jersey Hyper-Local was Digital First, Print Second and Bilingual Third" (9/28/15)

Kratovil, an old school watchdog reporter who’s not afraid to take on the local police and government, says there’s a lot of interest in what New Brunswick Today is doing, both in terms of their news coverage and their willingness to be innovative.

WNYC Public Radio

"'New Brunswick Today' Investigates" (11/22/13)

They pride themselves on their investigative work.  Their Editor Charlie Katovil has been key in following these stories.

Street Fight Magazine

"Jersey’s New Brunswick Today Punches Its Way to a New Model for Local News" (1/5/17)

NB Today competes with Gannett’s Home News Tribune, whose print daily and site cover surrounding Middlesex County, and, the Advance Publications (Newhouse)-owned digital combine that covers most of New Jersey.

“We punch above our weight,” says Monahan. “But we know New Brunswick and Middlesex County better than anyone.”

With its college student stringers, who are paid $20 for most of their articles, NB Today is able to cover many governmental meetings that other, short-staffed publications often ignore.

Fifteen-year-old Carlos Ramirez is one of the stringers who cover those meetings, which can produce major action affecting many residents.

Local News Lab

"Regional ad network seeks to help hyperlocal publishers hunt bigger game" (9/13/16)

"A Bold Step Toward Community Driven Journalism" (6/30/15)

"What Works For Crowdfunding Local News" (4/12/15)

"Support Watchdog Reporting in New Brunswick" (1/21/15)

"In New Jersey, with $2 million from Knight, the Local News Lab launches to seek revenue models" (6/16/14)

NJ News Commons

"Arrest Then Thanks: The Strange Relationship Between Charlie Kratovil and the NBPD" (10/23/14)

"Local News Delves Into Christie Crises" (2/6/14)

"Digging Deep in New Brunswick" (1/6/14)

Free Press

"Bringing Journalists and Residents Face to Face in New Brunswick" (11/12/15)

"Inequality in Local News Raises Alarms for Democracy" (8/7/15)

New Brunswick Patch

"New Brunswick Today Expands Online Reporting into Print" (11/25/13)

Non-Profit Community Blogs

Knight Foundation: "New Study Highlights Unequal Access to Local News and Information in New Jersey" (8/6/15)

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation: "How to Rebuild the Business of Local News" (4/30/15)

Signature NBT Stories Picked Up by Other Media Outlets

Water Contamination, Corruption and Cover-ups

Chasing News: "Charlie in a box?" (12/22/16)
Chasing News: "Is it safe to drink?" (5/12/16)
Chasing News: "Flint, NJ" (3/22/16)
NJ 101.5 FM: Interview with Charlie Kratovil (3/21/16)
Chasing News: "In Hot Water" (12/21/15)
Raritan River Review: "City of New Brunswick Issues a Report on Unsafe Drinking Water" (4/22/15)
Daily Targum: "Local residents bring water quality concerns to city council" (12/5/13) "Winners and Losers: Week of Nov. 11th" (11/15/13)

New Brunswick Election Irregularities

News12 New Jersey: "New Brunswick school board questioned" (4/9/13)

ProctorTrack Software Debacle at Rutgers

Ars Technica: "Anti-cheating startup collected student data in the spring, deleted it this month" (9/15/15) "Students Wonder When Creepy-As Hell App That Watches Them During Exams Plans on Deleting Their Data" (9/14/15)
New York Times: "Online Test-Takers Feel Anti-Cheating Software’s Uneasy Glare" (4/4/15)
Fusion: "College students are already trying to hack new anti-cheating ‘spyware’" (3/18/15)
Daily Targum: "U. online facial recognition system presents major privacy risk" (2/12/15)

Ethics Complaint Against Benjamin Bucca "Reporter defies subpoena ordering him to keep recording of public meetings private" (3/5/15) "Morning report for March 5, 2015" (3/5/15) "Ethics Complaint Targets Rutgers Employee Also Working For City" (9/24/14)

New Brunswick Housing Authority Shenanigans

The Wei: "New Brunswick Today won’t cave to Housing Authority Board’s pressure to stop reporting on wrongdoings" (3/3/16)

Lawsuit Reveals Secret Police Maps

Daily Targum: "Students, faculty question off-campus safety" (5/5/14)
The Rutgers Review: "CRIME ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!" (April/May 2014)
Daily Targum: "City of New Brunswick releases police jurisdiction maps" (3/18/14) "Rutgers and New Brunswick sued over 'confidential' maps showing police jurisdictions" (2/16/14)
Daily Targum: "Rutgers and New Brunswick face lawsuit for not disclosing police jurisdiction" (2/25/14)
Daily Targum: "RUPD to review traffic enforcement laws with NBPD" (12/23/13)

Other Rutgers Scandals, Schemes, and Cover-ups

Chasing News: "Choking 101?" (7/21/16)
Chasing News: "Rutgers Upheaval" (12/1/15)
Home News Tribune: "7 arrested in gang mugging of student, but Rutgers doesn't issue crime alert" (9/15/15)
Chasing News: "VIDEO: Off-duty Rutgers EMS worker hits over 100 mph" (6/18/15)
Home News Tribune: "Video: Rutgers EMT drives BMW at breakneck speed, prompting investigation" (6/18/15)
Muckgers: "Rutgers finally releases its Hurricane Sandy task force report" (11/26/13)

Violence at New Brunswick High School

Chasing News: "The Fight of His Life" (3/16/16)