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Charlie is a community organizer in New Brunswick, and a Rutgers journalism graduate. He can be reached at (732) 993-9697 or

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    UPDATE (1/26): The plans for the microbrewery and the mixed-use building at 364 Somerset Street were approved 6-0.  Construction Management Associates postponed their hearing on plans for 15 Maple Street until further notice.

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Zoning Board of Adjustment is scheduled to hear proposals large and small at its annual reorganization meeting on January 25 at 7:30pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

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    UPDATE (1/25): This article has been updated to reflect the fact that Mayor James Cahill was out of town on "personal business" and Thomas Loughlin was the Acting Mayor.

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—For the second consecutive night, the city will open Lord Stirling Community School on George Street to anyone without adequate shelter on January 24.

    The city survived the brunt of the most serious winter storm to hit it in years, without any major power outages.

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    UPDATE (1/25): This article has been updated to reflect the fact that Mayor James Cahill was out of town on "personal business" during the storm, and Business Administrator Thomas Loughlin was serving as Acting Mayor.

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--The city's Acting Mayor declared a snow emergency in the Hub City, according to a Nixle alert issued by the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) at 12:27pm on January 23.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—NJTransit Police are investigating how a 36-year-old man fell almost three stories down an elevator shaft at the city's downtown train station at about 5:40am on January 18.

    The man, who came from New York City, suffered injuries to his back and was taken to nearby Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) for treatment after he was rescued by the New Brunswick Fire Department (NBFD).

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    TRENTON, NJ—Could Middlesex County be home to the next Revel?  How about Union, Monmouth, Somerset, or even Hunterdon?

    If legislative leaders and Governor Christie have their way in the next election, all five could be possibilities.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—German Nieto was taken into custody by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents after they broke into his home pointing guns at his family on the morning of January 5.

    According to Nieto's family, who has lived on Lawrence Street for more than a decade, the authorities were looking for someone else when they arrived, but ultimately decided to take Nieto to jail after the botched 6am raid.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—City police patrolling the Fourth Ward of the city heard three or four gunshots emanating from the parking lot of a fast food restaurant at about 6pm on Janury 9, according to police radio transmissions.

    Eventually investigators determined that gunfire took place near the McDonald's on Route 27, near the CoachUSA bus station and the Schwartz Homes public housing complex.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--In 2015's most contentious Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting, the board unanimously approved variances to allow for a small grocery store in the Fourth Ward on October 26.

    The 7-0 vote clears the way for the owner of Marquez Grocery on Jersey Avenue to open up a similar bodega on Joyce Kilmer Avenue.

    About one out of every three audience members cheered the decision, which involves the bodega owner's wife relocating her existing beauty salon to make room for the store. 

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--Police confirmed that a New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) vehicle was struck by an SUV shortly before 2am on January 3 near 120 Jersey Avenue.

    At approximately 1:39 am, NBPD unit #959 was struck by a Honda CRV that police say was being driven by an intoxicated woman from New Brunswick.

    It was the second major crash in the same area in as many nights.  Just two nights earlier, a city man was arrested after wrecking a stolen BMW on French Street.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—After several days of secrecy, officials at the Middlesex County Improvement Authority (MCIA) finally issued a statement about how they intend to replace the agency's longtime leader, Richard Pucci.

    Pucci took political observers by surprise when he announced his retirement from the MCIA in December after 25 years in the powerful position.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On January 1, city police found a 2002 BMW that had been stolen from Morristown after its driver was involved in a wreck on French Street.

    According to police radio transmissions, police officers briefly chased the suspect who bailed out after crashing into a guardrail on French Street in between Sanford and Delavan Streets at about 11:20pm.

    However, police lost track of the suspect who was last seen "in the backyards of Comstock Street heading towards Hale Street," according to the transmissions.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—North Brunswick Police Department confirmed that over a two-day span, the department executed two different motor vehicle stops that resulted in motorists leaving the stops and fleeing into New Brunswick, resulting in crashes both times.

    City police were surprised to see several North Brunswick police cruisers engaged in a car chase in the Hub City on the evening of January 1.

    At 8:02pm, North Brunswick police executed a motor vehicle stop at Livingston Avenue and Nassau Street, on the border of the two towns.

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    The City of New Brunswick is home to a variety of businesses large and small, from corporate giant Johnson & Johnson to a number of small retail businesses, dining establishments, and precious few places to buy clothing.

    Many of these businesses are part of larger national or international companies, while some are one-of-a-kind local stores, some of which have been based in New Brunswick for decades.

    Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In a surprising turn of events, the city's Ethics Board made history when it decided to fine the President of the City Council $100 for repeated ethics violations on November 12.

    Kevin Egan, who was first elected in 2010 and faced no opposition in the 2014 election cycle, admitted in an apology letter sent to the board two days earlier that he failed to comply with disclosure requirements by not revealing one of his rental properties.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In one of the more serious on-campus criminal incidents reported in 2015, the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) responded to the scene of an assault with a weapon at the Henderson Apartments on the night of December 17.

    According to the school's "Daily Crime and Fire Safety Log," one of the three apartment buildings on Labor Center Way was the scene of a number of crimes that occurred shortly before midnight that evening, crimes that have thus far been kept quiet.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The man in charge of relations between the city government and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) will continue to serve on the board of the New Brunswick Parking Authority (NBPA).

    Kevin McTernan's dayjob is at RWJUH, where he has worked since 1979.

    He has chaired the NBPA Board of Commissioners, a powerful unpaid position, for the last fourteen years.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Violent crimes continue to plague the Hub City this holiday season, as man was shot twice in the lower leg on Harvey Street near French Street, at about 12:15am on December 26.

    The victim ran in the side door of Hub Liquors, a bar that more closely resembles a liquor store, leaving a trail of blood and forcing the establishment to close early.

    The unknown victim was hospitalized but is expected to fully recover from his injuries, according to a crime alert.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A man was stabbed in the abdomen at 317 Seaman Street in the first of many serious crimes on Christmas Day.

    "I got a call... Female saying that someone just stabbed her boyfriend," reported a dispatcher over the police radio, sending city police to the scene at about 1:10am on December 25.

    Shortly thereafter police were calling for an ambulance, reporting the victim had been stabbed in the abdomen.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) is investigating an armed robbery that occurred in broad daylight on Handy Street the morning of December 17.

    According to police radio transmissions, no one was injured and the suspect fled on a bicycle after showing a handgun and taking his victim's cell phone at approximately 9:18am.

    It is the latest in a string of violent crimes that city police have not publicized nor solved.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) was caught by New Brunswick Today violating the conditions of a zoning variance granted by the city government earlier this year.

    The city's Zoning Board of Adjustment voted unanimously to approve the hospital's request for a 900-square-foot "digital billboard," or "jumbotron," in May.

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    TRENTON, NJ—Joseph Spicuzzo, one of the county's most notoriously corrupt politicians, left a state prison today as a free man, having served just over two years on a nine-year sentence.

    Spicuzzo led the Middlesex County Democratic Organization for many years, and was elected to ten consecutive three-year terms as Sheriff. 

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Edward O'Rourke, a longtime employee of the New Brunswick Water Utility, admitted to being part of an extensive coverup of water quality problems in New Brunswick, resigned in October and pleaded guilty to serious crimes on December 17.

    The "licensed operator" in New Brunswick until his license was suspended in 2013, O'Rourke has pleaded guilty a second-degree charge of "corruption of public resources" and third-degree violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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    UPDATE (12/17): NBPD Captain JT Miller confirmed the incident, but referred to it as "an assault (laceration with a cutting instrument)."  The victim is 36 years old and was hospitalized with "a non-life threatening injury."

    "The preliminary investigation suggests the assault stems from a domestic relationship," said Miller.

    "The assault is actively being investigated by New Brunswick Police detectives."

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In the early morning hours of December 8, city police officers chased down a city resident, and punctured his lung while making an arrest, according to the man's attorney.

    The New Brunswick community is organizing a response to the injuries sufferred by 34-year-old Dion Napier at the hands of officers with the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD).

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Mayor James Cahill has been office since 1991, but the property taxes paid by homeowners here are still based, at least in part, on assessed values determined before he was sworn into office.

    For the first time in 25 years, the city will re-evaluate the value of properties citywide in a move that could drastically affect the taxes paid by many property owners, if the City Council approves the revalution on December 16.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Both city police and Rutgers police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred on December 13 at Park Deli Too, a store located in the same building as the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD).

    It's the eighteenth incident to lead to a campuswide crime alert this semester, and the fifth robbery in four days to do so. 

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Three robberies in the early morning hours of December 12 were the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth incidents to generate Rutgers University crime alerts this semester.

    The robberies occurred in a two-hour span between 1:10am and 3:10am, and one of the incidents left two men injured.

    All three incidents occurred near Rutgers' College Avenue campus or its Cook/Douglass campuses in New Brunswick, which are located on opposite ends of the city's downtown.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—City officials confirmed that a firefighter suspended after being hit with criminal charges is the second to be suspended from the New Brunswick Fire Department (NBFD) this year.

    Dell Walker was suspended without pay on November 23, according to Business Adminstrator Thomas Loughlin III.

    The suspension came three days after the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) announced criminal charges against Walker, a 19-year veteran of the department, for collecting disability payments at the same time he was working.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--The Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) is investigating a violent robbery on the Cook campus in the Second Ward, where a man affiliated with the school was injured.

    On December 10, at approximately 7:00 PM, the victim was walking "behind the greenhouses" located off of Dudley Road behind parking lot 98A when he encountered several men.

    The men "demanded items of value" from the victim, according to the crime alert issued less than two hours later.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Police are investigating a "suspicious incident" where a woman was nearly abducted at about 2:30am on December 5, near the intersection of Courtlandt and Duke Streets. 

    According to a Rutgers crime alert issued nearly four days after the incident occured, a female who is affiliated with the university was almost pushed into a vehicle she had declined to get into.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A 23-year-old woman from Lawrenceville became the latest person to end their life in an apparent suicide by jumping from a public parking deck on December 1.

    Police told other media outlets they were investigating the incident shortly after it occurred at 2:52pm at the Plum Street parking garage.

    The victim landed on the Prospect Street sidewalk, and was still breathing when she was found, according to police radio transmissions.

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    PISCATAWAY, NJ--Rutgers’ weeklong search for a new football coach has come to an end, with the school hiring Ohio State University's co-defensive coordinator Chris Ash to be the team’s 30th head coach.

    Ash has served as Ohio State’s co-defensive coordinator for the past two seasons, and won a national championship with the Buckeyes last year.

    Ash will also make almost twice as much as Kyle Flood, the coach who was fired just eight days earlier.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Executive Director of the New Brunswick Housing Authority (NBHA) has earned $5,687 in the first nine months of 2015, on top of his annual $155,062 salary, according to the agency's response to a public records request.

    "Any of my time for overtime is redevelopment work, which is done separately from the housing authority time, and yes I am [eligible for overtime]," Clarke explained to the agency's Board of Directors on November 18.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—According to a press release, New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) officers apprehended two suspects that were "fleeing from the scene of a burglary" during the early morning hours of November 30.

    "The suspects were being chased by one of the victim/residents... as the officers arrived and took the two suspects into custody," reads the release.

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    PISCATAWAY, NJ—Rutgers University officially terminated head football coach Kyle Flood and athletic director Julie Hermann on November 29, in what the school's President termed "a day of change."

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Two men have been indicted and another four have pleaded guilty so far in the aftermath of arrests targeting a drug and gun sales network that involved the city's Chief Housing Inspector.

    Both Paul Cano, a New Brunswick landlord who owns four rental properties, and Chief Housing Inspector Michael Mahony, have taken deals with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to criminal charges.  But only Cano is expected to go to jail.

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    TRENTON, NJ—Margaret Brennan, the longtime Treasurer and Comptroller of the Middlesex County Utilities Authority will continue recieving a pension, even after she was caught stealing $57,000 from the public agency.

    The Utilities Authority provides wastewater and solid waste management for most of Middlesex County.

    As we reported previously, Brennan pleaded guility to theft and avoided jailtime thanks to a lenient sentence from Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Dennis Nieves.

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    UPDATE: After this article was published, Captain Miller confirmed that two people were injured in the crash and provided the following details:

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—After pressing for answers for over three weeks, New Brunswick Today has finally learned the details of a previously undisclosed stabbing that occurred near the city's 24-hour Walgreens on Jersey Avenue.

    On November 23, New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) Captain JT Miller confirmed for the first time that there was a stabbing during the early morning hours of Saturday, October 31.

    According to Miller, a 17-year-old was stabbed in the arm at about 2:35 am on October 31.

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    UPDATE (12/3): At a December 2 City Council meeting, Business Administrator Thomas Loughlin confirmed that Dell Walker has been suspended.

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A New Brunswick Fire Department (NBFD) firefighter has been charged with several criminal offenses for allegedly collecting disability payments while still working for the department.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A man was injured in a drive-by shooting on the morning of November 23 near the intersection of Seaman Street and Lee Avenue in the city's Second Ward, according to's Alex Napoliello.

    Police radio transmissions confirm the incident was first reported to authorities at approximately10:54 am, shortly after a man was gunned down by someone seen sitting in the back seat of a moving vehicle with three occupants.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) obtained five variances from the city's Zoning Board on May 18, including one that will allow them to add three floors to a brand-new 11-story structure.

    Among the approvals granted for RWJUH properties was another that gave the go-ahead to erect a large digital billboard on the side of the new parking/office building, similar to the "Jumbotron" screens displayed in Times Square.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—City police are investigating a string of armed robberies targeting Rutgers students near the school's campuses in the city, including two involving a handgun and one involving a BB gun.

    The incidents come just two weeks after Halloween weekend, when three young men, including two students, were injured in a gruesome knifefight inside a Rutgers dormitory, and another student reported being robbed on-campus and threatened with a "sharp object."

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    HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—Four people from New Brunswick were arrested in what authorities described as a "a scheme to pass bad checks in four counties and collect more than $100,000 from local banks and check-cashing businesses."

    The Middlesex County Proecutor's Office (MCPO) announced 16 arrests in total, which included individuals from Roselle, Rahway, Mahwah, Linden, Elizabeth, and Ewing as well as one person from Michigan, according to the MCPO press release

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    NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ—A New Brunswick man and a Princeton woman were arrested on outstanding warrants before police say they found two guns, inclduing a sawed-off shotgun in their vehicle.

    "During the early morning hours of November 8th, a Patrol Sergeant rolled up upon a suspicious vehicle on Livingston Avenue near Route One," reads a Facebook post by the North Brunswick Police Department.

    The Facebook post identified the suspects as 26-year-old Wendell Pittman, of New Brunswick, and 38-year-old Menga Ramos, of Princeton.

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    SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ—A retired chief of the South Plainfield Police Department (SPPD) has been placed on probation for four years after admitting to injuring a 58-year-old woman and harassing her 8-year-old grandson.

    John Muller, the 73-year-old former police chief, was sentenced to a probationary term in New Brunswick on November 9 by Superior Court Judge Michael A. Toto.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—With only four its seven seats physically filled, the embattled New Brunswick Housing Authority (NBHA) struggled along at their September 23 board meeting, the first in two full months.

    Yirgu Wolde, an employee of the NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, took over as Board Chairman, and Dale Caldwell was named Vice Chair, despite his absence.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—It was drizzly and rainy on the afternoon and evening of November 10, but that didn't faze celebrants from attending the kickoff of Rutgers' 250th anniversary year.

    Technically, November 10, 2015, was Rutgers 249th birthday, not the 250th.  The date marks the anniversary of the day that the University charter was signed back in 1766.

    Students, faculty, administrators, alums, and others gathered for a variety of activities and enjoyed free food and beverages

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    Arts and culture have been critical to the city's continued success over the years, and have been a major part of the reason why New Brunswick remains the "Hub City" of Central New Jersey.

    A thriving music scene, three state-of-the-art theatres, a free art museum at Rutgers, two downtown art galleries, and the most popular comedy club in the state are just a few of the attractions of New Brunswick's rich culture.

    Music Scene

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Boraie Development never registered their 25-story, 121-unit condominium building so that it could be inspected by the NJ Bureau of Housing Inspection, according to the state government.

    In 1967, the New Jersey legislature adopted the "Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law," which it deemed "necessary for the protection of the health and welfare" of New Jersey residents.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—More than a week after several people were stabbed in the Hub City, local police still have not answered basic questions about crimes that occurred during the chaotic Halloween weekend.

    Among the crimes that went unpublicized were an incident where shots were fired and another where a masked man assaulted someone with "a rusty metal rod," according to police radio transmisions.

    As we reported, the Rutgers University Police Department responded to a gruesome knife-fight in Mettler Hall on October 30.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--Middlesex County's government plans to spend $18 million in the next five years on three arts projects, including one that could drastically transform the New Brunswick's theatre district.

    The plan calls for the demolition and replacement of two of city's three major theatres, the Crossroads Theatre and the George Street Playhouse.

    Both are located on Livingston Avenue, and owned by the non-profit New Brunswick Cultural Center, Inc.

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    UPDATE (11/18): New Brunswick Today has learned that Michael Bacorn no longer works for the City of New Brunswick, having resigned for a third time.

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—One of two ex-cops who the city re-hired just a few weeks into their retirement is back on the job, after sitting on the sidelines for nine months after questions were raised about the arrangement.

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    EDISON, NJ—Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey and Edison Police Chief Thomas Bryan announced on November 5 that a retired police captain has been charged with theft for "illegally" using sick days while he was working a private security job.

    According to press release form the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO), 55-year-old Natale Fresco used paid sick days from Edison Township in July, August, and September, while simultaneously working as security director at the Menlo Park Mall.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city's most notorious redevelopment firm has announced seven of the nine tenants that will occupy retail storefronts in a transformative and controversial privatized dormitory project at Rutgers University.

    The tenants include six different food establishments, including one with roots in New Brunswick, and a Starbuck's Coffee, the third to open within a three-block radius.

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    UPDATE: City spokesperson Jennifer Bradshaw confirmed that Joe Catanese was hired almost six months ago, on May 11, at a salary of $25,000.

    "He works approximately seven hours a week strictly on OPRA documents. He was appointed by TK Shamy."

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Joseph J. Catanese, an attorney who led the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) from 2000 to 2008, has joined the city's Law Department as an Assistant City Attorney.

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    UPDATE (10/31): Police identified the suspect as 18-year-old Daniel Leandry, a Rutgers University student from Garfield.  Leandry is currently jailed at the Middlesex County Workhouse on $735,000 bail.

    One of Leandry's alleged victims was a Rutgers student, the other was not.

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    UPDATE:'s Suzanne Russell has reported that Rabbi Abraham Mykoff ran into the burning house of worship and rescued the synagogue's Sefer Torah, a handwritten copy of the Torah, the Jewish holy book. 

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Helicopters and fire engines began pouring into the Hub City on October 23 after one of the few remaining historic structures in dowtown caught fire.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—City police are rolling out a new vehicle that once served as a "radio/communications vehicle" for the US military, adding a second mobile precinct to the department's fleet.

    In photographs taken in Buccleuch Park, the six-wheeled truck appears to be larger than any other in the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) vehicle, including its police boat and existing mobile precinct.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—An unidentified woman died on Sunday, October 18 at approximately 1:30pm, after jumping off of the Paterson Street parking garage in an "apparent suicide," according to authorities.

    New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) spokesperson Captain JT Miller said the agency investigated "an apparent suicide when an individual jumped from the Paterson Street deck yesterday afternoon."

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A resident of the city's Sixth Ward is leaving her position with the Paterson school system for a higher-paying position in New Brunswick's schools.

    Marnie McKoy becomes the first major Paterson school official to follow Aubrey Johnson from the Silk City to the Hub City.  Johnson was named New Brunswick's first new Superintendent in a decade, and took office in July.

    McKoy will earn $157,000 as the district's new Director of Human Resources starting November 2.  

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    UPDATE (10/21): This story has been updated to reflect new information provided by the City of New Brunswick. 

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A woman was hospitalized after suffering second-degree burns in her condominium on the sixth floor of the city's second-tallest skyscraper after a steam pipe ruptured causing flooding.

  • Photo Credit: Somerset Co. Prosecutor's Office

    FRANKLIN, NJ—Two New Brunswick men and a woman from Franklin Township have been arrested and charged with cocaine possession after a wild series of events that included a narcotics-detecting dog sniffing packages, police surveillance of a home, and a high-speed chase that ended in a crash.

    Authorities say the operation, which resulted in the siezure of five kilograms of cocaine, all started with a tip passed along to Somerset County authorities by the New Brunswick Police Department.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--’The offices of Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey were without electricity for two hours in the county-owned, but privately-managed "Civic Square" building at 25 Kirkpatrick Street.

    The power outage occurred on Tuesday, October 6, but no authorities publicized the problem, or any contingency plans implemented.

    On October 8, Middlesex County Freeholder H. James Polos confirmed that the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO) had been affected by the sudden outage two days earlier.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city's rank-and-file police and superior officers will be getting annual raises  through the year 2021 under a four-year contract extension approved 5-0 by the City Council on October 7.

    Mayor James Cahill is expected to sign off on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the New Brunswick Police Benevolent Association (PBA) 23 and 23A, which will continue the existing pattern of annual raises.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--Officials confirmed that the Middlesex County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) was evacuated for over an hour on October 7, due to a "suspicious package" sent to the Sheriff. 

    "Middlesex County Sheriff Mildred S. Scott received today a suspicious package," reads a statement from county spokesperson Stacey Bersani.

    The Sheriff's Office is headquartered at 701 Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick, in a building rented by the county from the Boraie real estate company. 

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—At least one person was injured in a shooting at the New Brunswick Apartments and quickly taken to a hospital in a private vehicle, while police began investigating the incident.

    The complex has been a crime hotspot in recent years, and October 5 was no different, as three or four shots reportedly rang out at around 9:30pm, according to police radio transmissions.

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    UPDATE (5:40PM): New Brunswick's school district announced it won't be sending kids to the warehouse school after all, crediting "impressive, around-the-clock coordination" between New Brunswick Public Schools maintenance teams, the office of New Brunswick Mayor James M. Cahill, city personnel, the Middlesex County Office of Emergency Management, and school district administrators and teachers.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city's longtime Recreation Director has left his city job, sparking a fierce but quiet competition to replace him.

    Michael Blackwell served as Cahill's Recreation Director for most of his 24 years in office, and worked for the city for over 29 years and boasted of building multiple New Brunswick teen centers.

    "Mike Blackwell's final day of work with the City was August 31. His salary was $84,467," said city spokesperon Jennifer Bradshaw.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--Moses Williams, a longtime champion for Black Americans, and people all over the world seeking a more peaceful society, passed away on September 21 at the age of 74.

    For four decades, Williams worked with the United Nations (UN) on countless projects, serving as a member of Athletes United for Peace (AUP) and as the Vice Chair of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

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    MILLTOWN, NJ—Neil Raciti, a local government official who also serves in law enforcement, was charged with owning an illegal AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle, according to the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

    The weapons charges came just four days after Raciti was charged with aggravated assault after an incident where he allegedly fractured someone's elbow.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers University's computer networks have once again been attacked and forced offline, apparently by the same anonymous person who crippled the university's systems several times last semester.

    The attacks come after officials reassured the campus community that the school had poured upwards of $3 million into improving its cybersecurity following a slew of attacks during the spring semester.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—At the same time he recruited many of the players infamously arrested earlier this September, former Rutgers head football coach Greg Schiano served on the board of a 501(c)3 non-profit "Crime Stoppers" group spearheaded by New Brunswick's Police Director.

    Of the ten current and former Rutgers football athletes arrested and accused of violent crimes this season, Schiano had recruited five of them: Tejay Johnson, Ruhann Peele, Daryl Stephenson, Jamil Pollard, and Leonte Carroo.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    UPDATE (9/28): NBPA Executive Director Mitch Karon told NBToday, "I spoke to [store operator Kevin] Kim regarding the storing of perishable items at Ferren. He advised me that he will be removing and destroying any product that were in open containers."

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A long-awaited redevelopment project on a prime piece of real estate is being held up due to environmental contamination, according to several sources.

  • Photo Credit: Bing Maps

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Police and school officials confirmed there was a fire at the Fourth Ward's McKinley Community School on September 22.

    New Brunswick Today learned about the incident through the grapevine, as neither the school district nor the police department issued any public statements about the incident until we asked them to confirm the blaze.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—After 15 months under private control, the city's embattled Water Utility will soon end its relationship with NJ American Water, officials announced on September 16.

    New Brunswick Water Utility provides drinking water to residents and businesses in New Brunswick, Milltown, and parts of Franklin Township.

    The decision marks a big win for water rights activists and local community organizations that opposed any renewal of the privatization deal, which is set to expire on September 30.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A city police officer with a bad habit of not wearing his department-issued nameplate has been discplined for violating the New Brunswick Police Department's (NBPD) uniform policy on multiple occasions.

    An Internal Affairs investigation sparked by this reporter found that Officer Jeffrey Monticello had failed to wear his name badge, a mandatory part of the standard uniform.

  • Photo Credit: Milltown Boro

    MILLTOWN, NJ—Even though he is a sworn law enforcement officer, the President of Milltown's Borough Council was arrested and eventually charged with third-degree aggravated assault after an incident on September 20.

    Neil Raciti, a resident of Albert Avenue, has been suspended without pay from his $86,000/year dayjob, but his future in politics is unclear.

  • Photo Credit:


  • Photo Credit: Jad Kaado

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—One day after a magician nearly drowned during a high-profile magic trick in downtown New Brunswick, the City Council voted unanimously to approve a road closure for the event.

    That's right.  The Council had not signed off on the failed water stunt that involved a colleague of the famous Criss Angel, and had to approve it after the fact, or "nunc pro tunc."

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers President Robert Barchi announced on September 16 that head football coach Kyle Flood has been "suspended" for three games and fined $50,000 after an investigation found Flood was in violation of the university’s compliance policies, and possibly its Code of Ethics.

    But Flood will still be paid his seven-figure annual salary without interruption.  As we reported, Flood became the highest-paid state employee after signing a lucrative contract extension last fall.

  • Photo Credit: Bing Maps

    UPDATE (9/18): The New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD) announced the arrests of two men in connection with the "shooting incident," and that a handgun was recovered at the scene.

    Charges of Aggravated Assault, Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Assault, Unlawful Possession of a Handgun, and Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose were filed against 18-year-old Ashaan Wroten, of North Brunswick, and 19-year-old Allen Kareem, of New Brunswick.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Several violent crimes, including at least two allegedly committed by members of the Rutgers University football team were never publicized by the school, contrary to a pledge made by their Chancellor.

    Richard Edwards, the school's New Brunswick Chancellor, brushed off questions about an armed robbery and assault where a Rutgers student was victimized by seven attackers on September 7.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In an exclusive interview with Mayor James Cahill on August 25, New Brunswick Today learned that another employee in the city's embattled Water Utility has been suspended without pay.

    However, the identity of the suspended employee remains a mystery to the public, despite repeated attempts to obtain that information.

    The utility is still reeling from a scandal involving its longtime treatment plant operator, Edward O'Rourke, who remains suspended after being accused of falsifying official reports in 2013.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Amid a growing list of scandals including football players being charged with robbing marijuana dealers and their coach allegedly running afoul of academic integrity rules, the Rutgers University football team lost on September 12.

    After a decisive victory in their first game of the season, the football team dropped their second game, falling 37-34 to Washington State despite having homefield advantage.

  • Photo Credit: Bing Maps

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers University officials confirmed that seven people were arrested and charged in connection with the armed robbery of a student near the intersection of Sicard and Morrell Streets.

    The incident occurred at approximately 12:43 a.m. on September 7, according to a Rutgers spokesperson who defended the school's decision not to publicize the incident.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Rutgers University Board of Governors (BOG) will meet behind closed doors for a secret meeting on September 11, presumably to discuss the brewing scandals related to the football team.

    The board has broad powers to set tuition rates, negotiate with unions, buy land and build new buildings, as well as hire and fire the University's President.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The second-highest-ranking elected official in city government admitted he will have no decision-making authority when it comes to renewing the city's controversial water privatization deal with NJ American Water.

    Even though Council President Kevin Egan voted for the existing deal, and is one of five Council members who will presumably get to vote on any renewal contract, Egan said he considers himself to have "zero responsibility" for the decision.

  • Photo Credit: Bing Maps

    UPDATE (11:30AM): The New Brunswick Police Department issued a statement identifying the victim in this incident as 29-year-old Frederick Foat of New Brunswick, and confirming he was shot in the face.

    "He was treated at the hospital and at listed in stable condition," reads the press release.  "At this time there is no suspect identity or description, however the detectives believe the shooter may have fled in a black vehicle with tinted windows."

  • Photo Credit: City of New Brunswick

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A City Councilman criticized this reporter for not owning property in New Brunswick, and then tried to prematurely end the Council's September 2 meeting after he was asked a question about his own real estate holdings.

    The undemocratic move came after Egan repeatedly ordered this reporter to "move on," during a series of questions about the city's Water Utility.

    But Egan raised the stakes by attacking this reporter and then snapping after being asked how many homes he owns.

  • Photo Credit: Google

    NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ—Township fire official Craig Snediker has resigned his public position after pleading guilty to embezzling at least $89,000 from the volunteer fire company where he served as Treasuerer. 

    Because Snediker used ATM's to embezzle from the North Brunswick Volunteer Fire Company #3, he faced federal felony charges, and could face 20 years in jail.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Children in Lincoln Elementary School were subjected to a lockdown for at least 25 minutes on the first day of school, after a student ended up in the wrong classroom.

    According to police radio transmissions, dispatchers told any available police units to respond to the school shortly after 11am, almost two hours after the search began for the missing child.

    According to Superintendent Aubrey Johnson, the young student had been identified as missing from class after a "headcount" ended up short at about 9:30 am.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Authorities arrested five current members of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team just two days before the first game of the season.

    In total, nine people were arrested and a tenth suspect remains at large, according to a statement from the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (MCPO).

    However, the MCPO statement said that only four of the suspects were "Rutgers students" and did not mention that any were student-athletes.

  • Photo Credit: NBVFD

    NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ—Just six days before the largest fire in the town's history, North Brunswick fire official Craig Snediker was sent a proposed plea deal by federal investigators looking into his embezzlement of funds.

    In addition to serving as the township's fire official, Snediker was also the treasurer of North Brunswick Volunteer Fire Company #3, an agency that he stole at least $89,000 from since March 2014.

  • Photo Credit: New Brunswick Board of Education

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Superintendent Aubrey Johnson confirmed that the city school district is backing off its plan to use a warehouse building on Van Dyke Avenue as an elementary school this year.

    The "warehouse school" had previously hosted students while a new elementary school and new high school were constructed, sparking opposition from parents and community leaders.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    UPDATE (8/31): New Brunswick police confirmed that there was a second victim who was "struck near the armpit area." 

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A young woman was shot near the intersection of Hamilton and Hartwell Streets, at approximately 12:40am on August 30, according to police radio transmissions.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The city's Housing Authority has lost another member of its powerful Board of Commissioners due to an issue with her eligibility to serve in the position.

    Ida Brangman had lived in the newer of two senior buildings known as Providence Square, located at 55 Harvey Street and was the only "resident" commissioner on the NBHA board.

    Brangman served on the NBHA board since January 2011, but had not attended a board meeting in over a year.

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—An event that brought Governor Chris Christie to the Hub City appears to have been responsible for the unauthorized takeover of several public parking meters on August 25.

    Christie's campaign for President organized the event at the Chabad House on College Avenue, but never asked permission to take over the metered spaces on Senior Street.

    At least a half-dozen meters were closed to the general public and identified as "Press parking ONLY."

  • Photo Credit: Charlie Kratovil

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On August 10, the Middlesex County Board of Elections offices moved to 11 Kennedy Boulevard in East Brunswick, leaving behind its location in the Hub City.

    The office had been based in New Brunswick, the seat of government for Middlesex County, for longer than officials can remember.

    The Board office has been the place to submit voter registration forms or request voter records, tasks that are critical to local, county, state, and national political campaigns.

  • Photo Credit:

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The first step towards becoming one of "New Brunswick's bravest" is applying to take a civil service test for the position of entry level firefighter.

    The state's Civil Service Commission (CSC) is currently planning to offer the test in the fall of 2015, but the deadline to apply is Monday, August 31.