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MCDO Chairman Kevin McCabe Takes Coveted Seat Powerful Public Agency's Board
"Civics For The Community Series" Educates Residents About How Government Works
Ethicon Subsidiary Loses Second Vaginal Mesh Case in New Jersey Superior Court
Hearing Officer Orders Unusual Arrangement For Mayor Reiman's Indicted Brother
Middlesex County's Policy on Detainer Requests Has Been Criticized by ICE
One Big Reason Sewer Bills Have Gotten More Expensive Was $5 Million MCUA Paid to Settle Case Last Year After Blowing $7.6 Million on Politically-Connected Lawyers
US Gulf Coast and Many Carribbean Islands Were Devastated by Hurricanes in 2017
Violation of Federal Standard Prompts Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall
MCPO Claimed Cops "Revived" Arrestee When They Really Used Pepper Spray on Him
Thomas Sokolowski Promises Positive Change For Local Art Museum
City and Insurance Fund Paid Lawyers Over $1 Million Before Settling Case For $172K
City and Insurance Fund Paid Lawyers Over $1 Million Before Settling Case For $172K
US and Canadian Authorities Won't Comment on Potential Extradition of Suspect
Miguel Garrido Accused of Smoking Marijuana With His Victim As Well
Wife Reportedly Yelled He Was a "Manipulative Monster" at Sentencing
Small Town's Former Recreation Director Convicted on 20 Criminal Counts by Jury
Altercation Escalated After Group Was Denied Entry to Fraternity-Sorority Event
New Brunswick Detective Was Also Injured While Chasing a Suspect on Foot
Brandon Cox Admitted to Kidnapping a Nine-Month-Old Baby and Sexually Assaulting The Mother in a Basement on Harper Street Last February
Police Admit to Arresting and Using Force Against Daniel Nagahama in His Final Hours
Rutgers' Mettler Hall Dormitory Was Scene of Creepy Crime Against Student
Police Still Finishing Investigation Into Woman's Claim She Was Profiled on July 25
Company Wants to Accelerate "Development of Breakthrough Medical Technologies"
MCPO: Nicholas Poliseno Used Memorial Fund to Gamble in Atlantic City
Sentence of 30 Years or More Expected For Killing of Alicia Martinez-Izaguirr
Consumer Finds Small Piece of Yellow Plastic in Chocolatey Chip Flavor Protein Bars
Dale Caldwell Also Falsely Accused New Brunswick Today of Illegally Recording Him
Dale Caldwell Also Falsely Accused New Brunswick Today of Illegally Recording Him
Located in The City's Oldest Commercial Building, Restaurant Will Close December 23
Born and Raised Hub City Resident Trains Everyday at Local Boxing Gym
"Happy To Be Home," Reddy Brings USA and International Coaching Experience
Popular NYC-Based Pizza Chain Set to Open Five New Jersey Franchises
Facing Decades Behind Bars, Andres Minaya Paid Bribe Intended For City Employee
Local Races in South River and South Amboy Are Still Too Close to Call
Number of Registered Voters in Downtown District Has Almost Doubled Since 2004
NBHA Still Has Not Held a Public Meeting Since Devastating Audit Was Released
WoW Owners Started "Jersey Strong" Nonprofit Before Renaming Chain After It
Deal With Middlesex County Joint Health Insurance Fund Questioned by Union
Cops: Jay Picerno Masturbated in Public in One of Four Criminal Incidents
"Comic In A Day" Competitors Produce a 24-Page Comic Book in 24 Hours
AMC Loews Hosts Festival Honoring Jewish History, Heritage, and Culture
HUD Seeks to Penalize NBHA With Funding Cuts After Questioning $1.4 Million Spent
Middlesex County Presents Immersive Showcase of American History
New Brunswick Police Investigating Aggravated Assault Outside Easton Ave. Bar
33-Year-Old Sayreville Resident Facing Identity Theft Charges After Allegedly Breaking Into a Storage Locker, Stealing Over 1,000 Medical Records, and Then Selling Them
Retailer Commits to Paying All Its Workers $15 Per Hour Within Three Years
20-Year-Old Suspect From North Brunswick is a Member of Rutgers' TKE Fraternity
Edyta Moczarska Charged, But Police Are Protecting Her Alleged Co-Conspirator
Protesters Call Out Trump Administration For Poor Relief Effort
James P. Pizzillo Admits to Covering Camera While Running a "Personal Errand"
MCPO: 18-Year-Old Perth Amboy Resident Was Killed by Man From El Salvador
Those Eligible Can Order Quality Internet Connectivity For About $15 Per Month
Investigators Still Looking For Alleged Murderer in Fulton Street Killing
Francisco Green Must Serve At Least 85% of Sentence, Register as a Sex Offender
Free Screening of “Families Like Yours” Starts at 7PM on October 19
Campaign Calls For Replenishment of Affordable Housing Funds in State Budget
In-Store, Fast Casual Tex-Mex Bar & Restaurant to Serve "Jersey Beers"
Another New Brunswick Corruption Case Involving The City's Embattled Water Utility
Admininstrators Deem Club's College Avenue Location "Fiscally Unsustainable"
Growth of Hydrilla Prompted New Brunswick City Council to Hike Rates
Big-box Chain Opens In-store Toy Shops
Chamari Webb Died After Being Shot Four Blocks From Franklin-NB Border
Hub City's Jovan Mercado is First Division I Athlete to Come From Special School
California Jury Felt Johnson’s Baby Powder Caused Woman’s Ovarian Cancer
Kathy Easton Teaches How to Help Environment by Catering to Native Species
Owner Agreed to $326,000 Fine and Lifetime Pet-Selling Ban
Three Weeks Later, Police Asked For Public's Help Identifying Thief
Board of Governors Hiked Tuition Yet Again, But The Increase is Lower Than Usual
New Way to Play Augmented Reality Game Brought It Back to Popularity
No One Seriously Injured in Any of The Three Harrowing Incidents on August 5
Virginia Native Lends Innovative Costume Idea to Dairy Queen Fundraiser
NJ Parking Boss Leonard Bier Runs Two Government Agencies in Rahway and Serves as NBPA Lawyer While He Works For Other Parking Authorities
NJ Parking Boss Leonard Bier Runs Two Government Agencies in Rahway and Serves as NBPA Lawyer While He Works For Other Parking Authorities
Fewer Kids Enrolled in Pre-K Program, Deadline to Register is October 15
Woman Charged With Careless Driving After Striking 71-Year-Old Man on Easton Ave.
Final Inspection Cancelled Six Times, Possibly Due to Lack of Electricity
John Cheng Pled Guilty to Abusing "Loan Guaranty Program" For Own Benefit
Frank Pallone's Office was the Center of the "Healthcare for All" Rally
Program Taught Local Students Art During Summer Thanks to Grant Funding
Pipeline to Affect South Brunswick, Franklin, Old Bridge, Sayreville, & The Amboys
Michael Tuhy Also Charged With Making Terroristic Threats and Exposing Himself
North Brunswick Man Charged in Connection With Death of Desiree Alvarado
Jeanne M. Fox Honored For Years of Public Service by NJ Utilities Association
NJ Organizations Pressure Congress to Maintain Federal Housing Funding
29-Year-Old Nurse Also Worked at St. Peter's and Home Healthcare Company
Instead Walgreens Will Purchase Nearly Half of Rite Aid's Stores
Applications Currently Being Accepted by Middlesex County Youth Conservation Corps
Police Director and Business Administrator Also Get Taxpayer-Funded Attorneys
Policy Makes Disruptions to "Official University Business" Offense in Student Code
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Public and Police
Student Housing Developer From Georgia Planning 21-Story Apartment Building
50-Year-Old Woman Charged With Drug Possession, Endangering Welfare of a Child
Consumer Protection Legislation Was Supported by Tire Manufacturers
As Climate Crisis Reaches Epic Proportions, President Tries to Gut Key Agency
Longtime Jurist Travis Francis Stepped Down From Position After 10 Years
Several Agencies Seized Eight Kilos of Coke in Unusual Police Operation
Embattled Bank Allegedly Assessed Merchants Unauthorized Credit Card Fees
Imitation Firearm Later Found In Wooded Area of Jersey Avenue
County Government Maintains Tradition of "Plays in The Park"